There are two matches,


Porto v Villareal

Benfica v Braga


I thought I'd watch Porto v Villareal, these two clubs have been class thus far, with the two top scorers in the competition.


Could be interesting, even on Five. (LOL)

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I would've done an article on the games but I've been out all day playing football and getting a tan. :)

Nilmar should have scored there. This could be a great game! 
That was a bit of a sitter, wasn't it!
Porto are playing such a high line.
Pat Nevin seems to agree with you, he hasn't shut up about it since the game started.

Just realised that that big section of Porto support is actually empty (blue) seats...whoops.


Kind of shocked that this isn't full!

Yet if they get through to the final, they'll be complaining about how few tickets they get.


The final's in Dublin isn't it?

Yes, at that new ground, isn't it?

Yea Aviva Stadium.


They could probably fit the Porto fans into the tiny stand behind one of the goals

I'm sure all the gloryhunters are in attendance tonight. The further Porto have progressed the attendances have increased.

Yes, they won the league so long ago that maybe no one cares enough to spend the money to see them play?


Even the Beeb doesn't care about the EL, you'd think given it's a SF they could manage some live text, but I guess not.



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