European Cup Winners Evening last night - What Cowans had to say...

Great night attended by Ken McNaught, Gordon Cowans, Des Bremner, Colin Gibson, Tony Morley and Pat Heard.

Some great stories and its clear that even now, 30 years on, that they still have a fantastic camaraderie.

Anyway Colin Gibson gave the mic to Pat Heard to have a quick say on where he thinks the team has gone wrong this season.

He was a bit reluctant as he said he used to hiding behind a mic and was a bit daunted by having 100 pair of eyes him, However he stressed that it's not all about the manager. He thinks that playing reserve kids in the first team is a MASSIVE ask and a huge step up from reserve team football.

he said in reserve team footy you generally get young kids playing or experienced pros who play at about 70% capacity due to them coming back from injury. He said that then asking those kids to then play in the Premiership and in a relegation battle of which they have no experience is a big big ask. If we had the luxury of 2 or 3 playing and then they were surrounded by experiences pros all would be okay but to have 6 or 7  with only a handful of pros in the team is an entirely different prospect.

Cowans then stood up and had the mic - he applauded Heard for what he said and said that most people don't realise the difference in pace for the kids and that some are struggling to adapt so quickly.


Anyways, just thought I'd share that with you...


I'll get me coat 

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so what was the excuse when we had a fully fit squad?!  Summer fatigue??

Don't shoot the messenger Dunney


Think about it though - we weren't doing too bad pre-Christmas. Not brilliantly but not bad either

wasn't having a pop at you Molly, just a bit preterbed at the minute!

I know how you feel.

I honestly think we'll get the point we need along with the results going our way with the other four teams.

Failing that, we go down, we sack McLeish and we come back leaner and stronger.

See - win-win all round!

and we'll be on Sky all the time AND there will be offers galore! lol

It's a moot point though...

...if the worst did happen then apart from going to the matches, how would we actually get to see the highlights?

BBC has cancelled Late Kick-Off for next season

Is it a crafty ploy from Lerner to send us down so the only way to see us play is to go to the match...??

and you cant really stream Championship games either.... although if McLeish went i'd go more often, unless potato head took over, then i'd become an egg chasing fan

Jimmy Somerville taking over??!!

ah Jimmy... Phil Mitchells camp twin

He has a fair point, the kids have no experience of a relegation battle and it's a massive ask of them to get us out of it.

However, the buck stops firmly with both the board and the manager.

Bet McLeish wishes he had not sent Makoun out on loan now, we could do with his experience. Not even a re-call option. Shocking.

I agree with you 100% Spinky but to some on here they have the mind set that McLeish was payed by the Blue`s to take the job of manager here and get us relegated A.S.A.P .

The other fans of our club who can see the bigger picture do realize that he is not without blame for our performance this season but it is grossly unfair to label him as the sole cause of our present plight and standing in the prem .

I too hope he is replaced in the closed season and i sincerely hope that our owner has taken on board and learnt from this season`s experience .



See I told you! 

But to be fair, I was so in awe of Cowans, that if he'd have told 
me that the team had been replaced by aliens I would have believed him. 



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