Was talking to forza napule and he was informing me about napoli and how mental their fans were and then told me about this.


When Udinese played at the san paulo they scored 2 goals. The first the player refused the celebrate. The second one was even more strange, he preceeded to go towards the napoli fans and put his hands together with a sign basically meaning excuse me, sorry I scored.




Apparently the napoli faithful are nutters though. They dont get any away fans because they are too scared to go. So napolis ultras just end up fighting in a designated part of the stadium amongst themselves.

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Is there some unusual context behind this game? Or did both those players maybe once play for Napoli? Otherwise seems a bit strange, surely this isn't the normal reaction of away players, maybe Udinese are just a team of wimps.

The first guy has never played for Napoli.


The second did. But still I have seen players score against there old clubs and not celebrate but to actually say sorry for scoring a goal is ridiculous.



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