Things were going so well between Everton and the Belgium football authorities. That's quite something given the national set-up of Belgium has a confidence spilling over into arrogance that everything they say goes. There's also the palpable belief that they have a much better grasp on fitness and injuries than the top clubs who send them the players.

It's caused trouble several times and Everton manager Roberto Martinez looked like he'd found the perfect way to get what he needed from Belgium; all out flattery. Martinez built a relationship and talked about that on more than a couple of occasions. He respected the Belgium FA and he told everyone they were great with him. That helped improve their reputation a little and helped Martinez get a bit more leverage over what happened with his players whilst away with the squad.

However, they were never going to agree over everything and one of the issues which has annoyed several Premier League clubs was bound to crop up sooner or later. This time the Belgian FA have leaked to press in the country that they think Lukaku is fit, and ready to play at the weekend, but Everton disagree and could be being over-cautious with the player. Sport Wereld report this on Monday.

Of course, it's not for the Belgian FA to leak any injury or fitness news about any player but they've done it repeatedly, it's just what they do. From information about Thomas Vermaelen having Arsenal injections, to claims that Vincent Kompany wasn't happy with the Manchester City medical department, to revealing to the world how long Marouane Fellaini would likely be out for before the club had even fully announced the player's injury.

Everton, almost certainly, will listen to their own medical department and not the information Lukaku will be returning with. Differing opinions aren't a problem, the issue is that Belgium frequently chooses to make these public and therefore risk a rift between player and club. Not only that, information about Lukaku's availability for the weekend is for Everton to know, and their opponents to be given absolutely no clue on, if that'\s how Martinez wants it.

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