Everton threaten legal action over David Moyes links to Tottenham Hotspur

Everton have showed they have no intention of letting their manager leave for Spurs through a media circus. The Merseyside club have fired their initial shots in what may be a prolonged conflict and are certainly not prepared for untrue stories to be pushed about Moyes and his intentions to leave the club.

Even before Tottenham Hotspur had released the statement saying Harry Redknapp had departed, there was huge speculation about who would follow him at White Hart Lane. Much of it was just that, speculation, but when a well known journalist from TalkSPORT went a bit too far, Everton were on top of it quickly.

Ian Abrahams, better known by his nickname of 'The Moose' was giving the impression on Twitter that he had inside information on what Spurs were about to do. He said "As I understand it David Moyes is 1st choice - I've been told if things go well he could be installed in a week. It is my understanding Spurs may have already met with David Moyes today and that Moyes compensation has been agreed with Everton FC."

Strong stuff and big claims which would suggest someone had tipped him off, or that he thought Moyes to Spurs was a decent bet and it was a good opportunity to fluff his feathers without any real knowledge. He was asked if the chance of Moyes going to Spurs was about '80%' and said "as I always say nothing in life is 100% but this looks a lot closer to that than 80%."

He then went on to continue to fluff his feathers and argue with people who doubted his credibility, that was until Paul Tyrrell got involved. Tyrrell is the Director of Communications at Everton and was furious that Abrahams was pushing news which he believed was totally fabricated, so he told him "This is an absolute lie Ian. I expected better from you. If you repeat it, you can expect legal action from EFC."

Now Abrahams, who had been so confident previously, turned on a sixpence and said "ok Paul sorry and I withdraw it. I withdraw the comments about David Moyes I made a short while ago leaving Everton for Spurs."

He followed with a couple more grovelling tweets to Everton's Director of Communications before saying he was signing off for the night. No doubt if Moyes does turn up at Tottenham he'll claim he had the inside story from the start, despite appearing to pluck strong claims from thin air, safe in the comfort that the Everton manager was favourite for the job anyway.

Apart from embarrassing a journalist, this episode shows that Everton are not prepared to be walked over if Tottenham Hotspur do indeed want their manager. 


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"The Moose" the only inside information he gets is from his Doctor and it is about his enorous insides... How that fat, arrogant cock got a job on the radio god only knows.

Roberto Martinez... 

Benitez down to 4-1 with Paddy Power, makes sense.

I'm not sure Benitez will play the kind of football the spuds want...

Also feel that Bale will be off ASAP now... which in turn will lead to an exodus of players



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