Exclusive: We talk to Brazilian with big Manchester United dreams

Manchester United are the main club interested in the 16-year-old Douglas Garcia, and the youngster has been on an extended trial at Carrington. He's a central defender who belongs to Desportivo Brasil, the same club as Bruno Gomes who was also linked to Manchester United before signing for Internacional.

The agreement between Manchester United and Desportivo Brasil gives Douglas the opportunity to go to Manchester up to three times a year. He trained with the Manchester United reserves in June 2013, and now he's back from Europe after training with Manchester United for some days and playing a competition with Desportivo Brasil in Italy.

We managed to grab a few words with Douglas in Brazil, and he spoke glowingly about his time at the club and players he met.

How does it feel to have a club like Manchester United interested in you?

It's wonderful for me. It's a single chance I’ve got.

It is the second time you train at Carrington. Did you feel more comfortable this time?

Yes, I felt more comfortable. I was more accustomed, and the communication in English was easier this time. I liked a lot. I trained with the U-21 (reserves) team, who are older than me. It was a great experience. I was very well received, so it was really easy.

Have you had any contact with the first team? How was it?

I had contact with everyone during the training and during the meals. They are wonderful people, and they like us more when they know we’re Brazilian. I talked more with Evra, Rafael, and Ferdinand, a very nice guy.

Is there any particular Manchester United player that you admire most?

Rio Ferdinand.

You trained there during the coldest time of year. Did that disturb you in any way?

It was complicated. It was very cold, man. When it’s 2 or 3 degrees we feel it a lot, because we are more used to the heat, so it’s strange. In the first days, it was more complicated, but then I adapted myself and it got better.

How would you describe yourself for fans who do not know you?

I’m left-footed, I have a good diagonal pass, good with tackles and interceptions, and I’m also good at head duels.

Is there any player (not necessarily the from MUFC) in whom you inspire yourself?

Thiago Silva.

Do you already see yourself playing for Manchester United? What is your goal for years to come?

My goal is the same dream as from everyone else, but I'm very calm about that, just like my agents. If it works out it would be great, but I may end up in other clubs as well. My agents will take care of it.

Besides Manchester United, Fiorentina are another club chasing Douglas. They are interested after being impressed with his performance during the last edition of the Viareggio Tournament.

Douglas Garcia was speaking to Lucas Sposito, a Sport Witness writer in Brazil. 

Here's a highlight reel of Douglas in action:

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