Portuguese newspaper Record have managed a big interview with fitness coach Raymond Verheijen. The Dutchman, who is in Lisbon to give a course and promote his expertise, is famous for criticising many big clubs for the way they overload their athletes.

Verheijen recently criticised Jurgen Klopp and Liverpool, predicting that his methods would result in an injury crisis. Liverpool did then have an injury crisis but it could be argued they were in one when Verheijen made his point anyway.

Verheijen appears to have backtracked somewhat on pinpointing Klopp, instead explaining to Record that it's more a general issue of problems when a new manager takes over a club, with players overly eager to impress.

Record: When Jurgen Klopp moved to Liverpool, you said there would be many injuries. You were right. Do you have a crystal ball?

Verheijen: "People who understand about periodisation recognise a pattern before others. I’ve had already predicted it before with Wenger, Moyes and Van Gaal... In this case, there is a principle: when there is a new manager, all players want to show, even those with minor injuries.

"There were several who were on the bench and began to train hard, although the physical levels were not the best. The Swedish professor Jan Ekstrom studied the Champions League teams in the last 12 years and has proven that there is a relationship between the arrival of a new manager and the increase in injuries.

"Liverpool were already entering an injury crisis with Brendan Rodgers and would play more games than any other team. There was no need to be Einstein."

At the time Verheijen had said that Klopp should have adapted his entire playing style to counter-act the outside factors, such as players wanting to impress, but there was no repetition of that in this interview.

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