From 2012 to 2018 Sky will broadcast all F1 races live. The BBC will broadcast some of the races live and show hightlights.




This is partly due to the BBC trying to save money again!


Mr Wishi is a petrol head and F1 is his sport, but he won't buy Sky, no siree, bob.


What's next? The rugby? Wimbledon?

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That is a joke. SSN barely even acknowledge F1.

Was also really enjoying BBCs coverage. Soon there will be no free view sports.

I thought that both Sky Sports and the BBC were going to show all the races but obviously not.


I wonder if the BBC will get to choose what races they show?


There's going to a lot of unhappy petrol heads out there and I know quite a few.


I'm not too fussed as I have Sky and Sky Sports I think could really add another dimension to F1. Their coverage of just about every other sport is excellent and I've no doubt that it'll be the same case with F1.

Just heard there that it will be half each and BBC will show British GP
I thought they would.

I think it's inevitable that this is the way things will go with sports.  With the amount of money involved these days, terrestrial tv channels will find it increasingly difficult to compete.


I believe that this deal for F1 is until 2018.

We were led to believe by bernie that he would do everything in his power to keep f1 free to air. Then he saw the money.

You can watch all the races legally and without subscription in the UK next season by watching RTL (a German channel) by satellite.



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