How many will Spuds beat us by?

Do you know what, I really don't care. I wouldn't mind if Brucey played the kids and we lost 10-0. Only one priority and I'm not sure we will achieve that this season.

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Got to agree I don't really care what happens today, whatever side he plays will I fear include Flabby so we start with ten men, nine if Westwood plays eight if Gardner plays etc.

I remember sitting next to a spurs fan some year ago who said after we beat them, 'two even sides, could have gone either way' well we now see where a well managed team can be and where a poorly managed team can drop to. It's all very sad, for us.

Dam right Bosco - nought to lose but plenty to gain by giving some of the kids a chance who may be expected to play at end of season in relegation battles !

Good to see you have your sense of humour back, no relegation battle ..................................this year! Play offs maybe, but I think we need patience and run away with it next season. I can dream can't I!

If we win we win if we lose we lose just hope we give a half decent performance .

The priority this season has to be the championship and if we go on a cup run that may cause fixture congestion we can well do without ,



One part of me says a narrow loss wouldn't be a bad thing. Definitely don't want to get thrashed. But another part of me says that to get one over Spurs would be fantastic.

I suspect Bruce will try to win it and put out his strongest team, because anything else is a recipe for negativity to creep back into the side.


Flabby up front are you kidding?

That's nil to us then ffs

First half OK. No bite up front, but Spurs aren't getting anywhere.

2-0 to them. Getting something out of this was always going to be a long shot. Overall we looked a lot better than last season, but no real attempt at front. Johnstone looks a very good signing, the rest were pretty solid, Gabby put some effort up front with no real support. McCormack offered very little when he came on.

If we can get Lansbury it could make quite a difference.

Some of our rivals are still in the cup, which could be an advantage. We move on.

Lost 2-0 .

Now back to the more important challenge getting up the table and making a good attempt to reach the play off's .

We all seem to be of the same opinion that it would have been nice to get one over the Spud's and won but in the long run that could have done more harm than good .

We now have no distraction's so it is time to sort out our midfield and other issue's this window and move onward's and hopefully upward's .

The last point i will make regarding our squad and what is required is that i think Bruce has got it dead right in regard's to RHM .

The club have spent time and money developing him he is now just starting to get first team game's and experience and now with a very good contract offer on the table he or his advisers have said i want better term's .

This if he leave's will yet again give the impression that Villa are a feeder Club for other Club's .

What price loyalty RHM is money more important than loyalty in football now a day's .



Well we know the answer to you last question Rizla, a footballers contract is only valid when it suits them, Flabby for example. When it comes to loyalty it doesn't exist, Delph for example.

I agree with the stance in respect to RHMs, up to a point and would agree more if we took a hard line with all the payers who have taken the pee over the recent years, the bomb squad for example.

Contracts are completely one sided and the club has no power what-so-ever, only in gestures as in RHMs case, blowing in the wind.

On the future I can't wait to see what is happening in the transfer market, having spent about £25m on goal scorers in the summer and before I can't believe we had to play Flabby up front today.

We presumably knew that Kodjia and Ayew were African when we bought them and when we sold Gestede. Where are our goals going to come from this month, it may be too late in February when they're back.

Finally I am not too concerned about RHM leaving as we have been here many time with promises of future stars, the Moore brothers for example. I would add that Grealish needs to do a lot more to be a star like Mr Ali at Spurs.
My worry is that Bruce has said he wants Gabby to make himself the go to person for Kodjia. This surely means he is going to stick with Gabby for now??!!

The starting 11 today had scored 6 goals all season. You look at that team and wonder just where any goals are coming from. Yet with Kodjia and Ayew both unavailkablke, we sell Gestede and freeze out Hepburn-Murphy. The next five weeks are make or break. We MUST add to the squad and it seems that we may miss out on Lansbury now as Derby are in 'advanced talks' with the club's new owners. Oh dear!



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