We're damned if we do and we're damned if we don't this weekend. 

Lambert has just gotta go from broke, unleash Gil and Grealish in the wide areas, fire up the beast of Benteke and give Delph free reign in the middle of the park. Westwood and Sanchez can break up play nicely on their own.

I just want to see Lambert send the team out, of course with respect for Bournemouth, but also with the intent of destroying them.

Have people running in and around Benteke, have people providing crossed from near the byline, not the half way line. Have people willing to try their luck from distance should the opportunity arise.... 


We want to see the team use the ball well, use it with intent, use it with confidence. The season needs to turn around at some point if we're not going to be relegated, and now's the time. 

Bournemouth may be flying high in the Championship, they may be scoring lots of goals, but they also let in their fair share.

Sundays game is about attitude, we need to show it. 

Come on, positive vibes from now until the end of the season, we can do this....

I'm lumping on a Benteke hatrick. £5 at 40-1. Who's having a bit? We know once the kid starts scoring its very difficult to stop him... with Gil and Grealish providing threats from behind and wide it should give the Beast the space to do his thang!


*disclaimer, I am not responsible for any loss of money in bets, nor am I responsible for the searing lows we are bound to experience after another dire drab performance. 

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Yeah, that team you mention would be lovely alright! can't see it happening though, as i don't think that Lambert trusts Grealish defensively. You could see Cole in the team though, with it looking something like


Hutton Okore Clark Cissohko

Westwood Sanchez Delph

Cole               Gill


which actually looks quite good to me! but in reality, Gabby will be up top with Benteke and Gill in behind the two. 

I wouldn't start Grealish. He showed against Blackpool that, talented though he is, he has a lot to learn. And Cole may be injured.

I think we have to go all out from the word go, not wait for 15 minutes while we work up to our first hopeful chance on goal. I'd play Weimann up front. Within the 6-yard box he's our best and only predator. Moreover he and Benteke compliment each other.  And he and Gill seemed to be on the same wavelength in the last match. I'd also be tempted to work Bacuna in there somewhere but can't see an obvious player to drop.

Basically, we have to stop worrying about defence. Play it as it is, a cup tie. We need to have 90 minutes attacking their goal. What I want to see is Hutton bombing down the wing and Weimann sliding in a goal in the first minute.

What i feel is needed is for Villa to get a grip on the game from the first minute and be in Bournemouth's faces giving them no time to settle or find any rhythm also keeping them under as much pressure as possible a early goal would do wonders for the team and clubs confidence .

The goal if Benteke scored it then i do believe that there could be a good result to come . He has always struck me as a player that once he scores he will never be satisfied till he has scored another .

The upshot of this is if he gets one early then Bournemouth and there defence are in for a very difficult shift on Sunday .

The result on Sunday i feel will be a win for us and i hope we'll also get some goals as well to finally put to bed the non scoring run let's hope to hit the ground running and not let up till the final whistle .


I think Umma's team is as good as we can get I would be inclined to play Grealish from the off and bring Cole on if needed.

There is some merit in playing Weimann if paired with Benteke but playing where Lambert usually plays him is a waste of a shirt.

I haven't heard what's happening to Cleverley hut if we haven't packed him off yet I suspect that Lambert will play him.

This is an ideal opportunity for us to get on track, a decent win will work wonders for everyone. It really is a good game for Benteke to get going big style.

Just hope Lambert changes his ways.

Cole and Gabby both have hamstring injuries. Cole unlikely to be fit, Gabby might be (but hope not). I think Lambert will give Given an outing. So could be:


                                                 Hutton Okore Clark Cissokho (or Richardson)

                                                 Gil   Westwood   Sanchez   Delph

                                                       Weimann    Benteke

or possibly:


                                             Hutton  Okore   Clark   Cissokho

                                                   Bacuna   Sanchez    Delph


                                                  Weimann   Benteke

Benteke will score goals providing he is given the service he requires - which has been sadly lacking in previous matches - as the old saying goes with regard to PL 'you can't teach an old dog new tricks'

Seems like the FA Cup is throwing up some shocks this weekend so maybe we'll win a game!!!

Terrible. Too much to ask any fan to take. Slow, no creativity, no spirit, players a disgrace to the club.

Enough is enough!!! Van Gaal OUT! Mourinho OUT! Pellegini OUT!

So even if we lose today it pales into insignificance compared to the Man C and Chelsea results. I actually feel a little more confident  going into this one, I just hope we up the tempo.

It's nownot going to be a shock if we lose after yesterday's results.
Can't see us winning this the way the club is at the moment.
Would be great to have a good cup run.It would make the prospect of a buyer more interested the further we go.
Come on boys,lift the doom for the long suffering fans,,,please.
Forget Man city, Forget Chelsea.

The biggest shock of the FA cup 4th round will be Aston Villa scoring 3!


Team: Given, Hutton, Okore, Clark, Richardson, Bacuna, Cleverley, Sanchez, Gil, Weimann, Benteke

Bench: Guzan, Baker, Westwood, Cissokho, Lowton, Burke, Grealish

Bit more radical than I expected. Bacuna should give us more going forwards. Not convinced by Cleverley instead of Westwood; would have preferred Westwood/Sanchez doing the defensive midfield bit with Bacuna/Weimann/Gil/Benteke doing the attack. Richardson may give us more going forwards.

Wonder where Delph is. Just signed a new 4.5 year deal. Great news for us. Has he been given a holiday as a reward?

At least we're seeing something different. Here's hoping. UTV.



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