How many will Spuds beat us by?

Do you know what, I really don't care. I wouldn't mind if Brucey played the kids and we lost 10-0. Only one priority and I'm not sure we will achieve that this season.

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Would hope we can outbid Derby for Lansbury. He's the sort of player we really need.

We have 4 matches coming up all of which are winnable. I take it we won't see today's back-to-the-wall approach, so hopefully should create more chances. Bit dodgy relying on Gabby but he did put in a shift today. Can't see that we have anybody else; McCormack seems to be anonymous.  If we play today's midfield of Adomah, Jedi, Tshibola and Bacuna that's a big improvement over having Gardner and Westwood. Bacuna and Adomah have been known to score although they're not prolific. With everybody firing we have a chance.

I admire your optimism Mac but I think we have reached a point where a little reality should prevail.

We spent £50m in the summer and as I have said before have proven players including goal scorers who either don't play or are played out of position or without service.

Kodjia and Ayew were always going to the Africans cup and Adomah could also have been chosen. We sold Gestede, our answer? Flabby.

January is our last chance in my view, we need 4 wins which we won't get unless our opponents score for us. Failing that we have another season at least in the Championship.

I don't all together blame Bruce as he didn't assemble this group but I do blame him for his faith in Flabby, he is not our saviour and his account is overdrawn it's time to write him off. I also blame Bruce for not using what he has efficiently, proven goal scorers score because of the system they play in. You can criticise McCormack all you like but having paid £12m for him the least you can do is serve him. One again Flabby is preferred.

It is what it is unless we sign players who fit Bruce's game plan then at least use what we have efficiently.

Gabby has never been a prolific goal scorer - he will score goals in a team that provides service to its forwards - at present we are unable to do that !

I feel sorry for McCormack he really has been played out of position for most of the time he been with us - he was bought as a goal scorer playing in a certain position with service to that position !

I cannot comment on what options are available from the U21's but there has to be someone who is better than Flabby !

McP always suggests that out next games are winnable ? of course they are if you play to our players capabilities & strengths - Cmon Brucie show us that you do have options !  

JD - me saying we have a chance is hardly being optimistic! 10 points out of those 4 matches would be a fair return; we might end up with half that or less though.

The positive points are that if we can keep playing the same back line and the same midfield we had at Spurs then we have a fairly solid set up. But we need the midfield to shift more to attack to provide more bite up front. A frontline of Gabby/Grealish/McCormack (perm 2  from 3) isn't ideal but that's what we've got. The goals can come from anywhere; a Baker header from a corner could be a match winner.

As I said, we have a chance. But we need more signings to make it a good chance.

We are still short 2-3 players so getting rid of McCormack, however poor he may have been so far doesn't make sense without another striker first.

I agree goals can come from anywhere and I hope they do, but as Lionbrad stated the starting line up on Sun had 6 goals between them.

Baker has only ever scored once for us!

Brucey needs to get this window right or we will have another season in this league.

We need to be realistic and accept that our chances of getting to the play offs are quite small. We can do it but not with this squad. Even worse, anyone who has seen the last six games will know that relegation is also possible. Statistically it is unlikely for a start, as we are one of probably 15 clubs who will consider themselves in the race. The Championship is always like this. Even those clubs finishing 3rd - 6th only have a 25% of promotion. Logically, with a couple of additions, we may have a 30-40% chance of making the play offs. So, optimistically I'd say we have about a 10% chance of promotion.

Sorry if that shocks anyone or pops anyone's balloon but have you really considered this? Yes it's a long season but it is a very competitive league and the start under RDM left us with a mountain to climb. The Cardiff loss was actually a hammer blow.

Still need to aim for it. This month is critical, and will test Bruce's powers of management to the limit. However, if we make the playoffs then, looking at it from a bookmaker's point of view, not all the 4 teams involved are equal; by that time hopefully we're one of the better ones. The (lack of) ability to score goals is what's holding us back, and that has to be sorted.

Quite, and a front three of Flabby, Adomah and Grealish will not do it. Particularly with our static, undynamic, unadventurous midfield three. McCormack has to be given a run or Brucie must look to a loan deal this month.



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