Man United 3 - 2 Liverpool.



What a game.

Those who saw it, let's discuss it here.



Liverpool got a goal before half time. And then it all happened in the second half. 4 reds. 4 goals, penalty madness, Bloody noses, and dubious chants (apparently).



Great stuff.

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What a game!  Saw the beginning and then the rest later as had to go to a children's party with the little un.


Ravel's finishing for both his goals was superb.  So much passion as well, their player doing the five times signal and Ravel kissing his badge in front of the kop.


Nevermind witness intimidation, there was defender intimidation from Ravel today.

He was on a different level to everyone else on the pitch today.



Stand outs were - Morrison and Tunnicliffe for us. Suso and Sterling for them.


It seemed as though Morrison could have changed the game whenever he wanted, with him on the pitch it kind of felt as though United would always win, even at 2-0 down.

Those who saw it...Give good ol Jimmy the link to the highlights.
It's on now on LFC tv!!
It's free if you have 434.



No thanks <laugh>

You do realize no one will think less of you if you put it on to watch our boys show them up.


I'd mute it though. Useless commentators.

LFCTV and Sky?


My idea of helllllllllllllllllllllll. will have the highlights soon now!


Good goal by Morrison. And goading Scousers. More than can be said for our useless 1st team.



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