Not great is he? Time to drop him perhaps and try someone else?

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he didnt have a great game, but still was a driving force.

indeed his pass percentage was still 73 percent - which for a bad game is pretty good. especially when you compare it to Barton - whose was only 66.


Bannan was 60.

Petrov was 67.

Ireland was a staggering 82 percent.


so in passing terms Delph was not that bad really.

yes he missed a tackle or two - but if  that is his bad game - he will be fine.

Im not talking about 1 game Umma08, I think he has been pretty poor since the start of the season. Maybe give Gardner a run out, or try something different.

to be fair, he is pretty inexperienced still at PL level - judge him after a full season i would say - not after a handful of games under a new manager.


he will probably be rested for Jenas next week.


there are other players that need to pull their socks up faster than Delph (Hutton, Nzogbia, Ireland, Bent and Collins come to mind a lot faster than a pretty PL fresh 22 year old)

Delph just needs time to settle into playing week in, week out again. he's a very good prospect, and is not doing badly, he can just be guilty of drifting occasionally.


i say stick with him. Now if we're talking about people having little effect on a game, i'd sooner drop Ireland and N'zogbia.

think u also wanted to get rid of Petrov as well........... Umay as well go the whole hog and drop Bannon, N'Zogbia, etc and try the reserves!



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