Fabio Capello once said he would only choose players who were playing regularly and playing well for their club. He was supposed to be a very decisive manager who only picked players who were in form and not on reputation alone however if you look at the current squad and past squads that he has selected, it would seem that he hasn't done this.


Current England squad:


Hart, Green and Stockdale.


Baines, Cole, Dawson, Terry, Cahill, Lescott, Johnson and Walker.


Lampard, Wilshere, Walcott, Downing, Young, Barry, Parker and Milner.


Rooney, Defoe, Bent and Cole.


Now for me there's a few that should've been in this squad but aren't.


Marc Albrighton, Joey Barton and Kevin Nolan should've been chosen in my opinion because they've all had very good seasons. Is there anyone else who you think should be in the current squad that isn't?


This happened with the World Cup squad as well. Theo Walcott was left out and Shaun Wright-Phillips was chosen. Darren Bent was left out and Emile Heskey was chosen. Two selections that I really couldn't get my head around.


What does everyone else think of this and the squads that he has chosen since he's been in charge?

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Marc Albrighton, Joey Barton and Kevin Nolan should've been chosen in my opinion because they've all had very good seasons.

Totally agree with that.  I think he's lost interest.

Going on Capello's original 'philosophy';


Lampard, Cole, Terry,  Hart, Lampard, Barry, Defoe, Rooney and Cole don't deserve to be in that squad.

I would agree with everyone there except for Ashley Cole.


I think it would be quite hard to leave out the player who's just been voted best English player of the year.

What would your team be?
My team for tomorrow or my squad?

Team for tomorrow but not from the squad, well it can be from the squad but doesn't have to be.


Does that make any sense at all?

It sounds as if you want me to pick a team for tomorrow from any England player, those in the squad and those not.


Is that what you mean? :)



Do you want me to feature this article?

By all means yes. :)











That took me a bit of time to think of though I'm sure I've forgotten someone that I probably would've used. Not really a team for tomorrow mind you bit I like the look of it. :)


It's not a form team either, is that what you mean't in the first place?


What about your team?

I really haven't a clue you know. For tomorrow I'd have had Barton playing just for a bit of spice, we sorely lack that.

Albrighton certainly, maybe consider Downing as well. I used to think he wasn't so good but is improving with age.

I'd play Ashley Young behind Rooney, I thought he looked good in that role against us.
im all for fun and banter but please be a little serious.Hargreaves in any team is beyond comprehension,he was never that great before but really can he even walk now.hasnt it been about three years since he kicked a ball in anger.



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