Just came across this article on BBC Sport. One of our own, Agbonlahor has came out in support of McLeish suggesting all the 'abuse' he is getting is getting to the players. Surely it's articles like this where us as fans need to suck it and get on with what we should be doing, supporting the team! Obviously it's not all of us abusing McLeish but it's our responsibility to ensure those abusers aren't heard when at games because more often than not its usually all that's been heard at games nowadays, abuse towards McLeish or the team. We will only have ourselves to blame for not getting behind the team. Look at teams like Blackpool last season, even after a strong start to the season they got relegated but did their fans attitude change? No, they still turned up every home game supporting the team every step of the way because like many say, the fans act as a 12th man. I think as a whole this isn't evident at games for us, fans have raised the issues this week where even the Holte which has been at the centre of our support hasn't been near as supportive as its always been known to be, we ent gonna win games being quiet or abusing McLeish or the team, yes the team should give us something to shout about but if we don't shout for the team they aren't going to play for the fans. It's something that needs addressing now! Instead of fans meeting up to demonstrate against the board or McLeish why not meet up to show our support for the team, it's their confidence that's being affected and when they enter the pitch everything McLeish has tried to do for them prior to the game has to be implemented and its up to them to do it. We need to support everyone at the club from now until the end of the season otherwise I'm afraid to say we might just end up too close to that dreaded bottom 3 for comfort!!


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Well said van,nice to agree with you.



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