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I remember he used to want to go to Italy, maybe homesick or something.

In hindsight, although he may not have got as much game time as he would have wished, at least now he appears to have the enthusiasm and the desire to stay in England with United now, which should hopefully help his career progress. Not sure how many games he will play, especially with Welbeck part of Ferguson's plans, but let's wait and see.


What are your thoughts on the loan move?

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I have gone off the macheda hype, yeah his two goals were great, but i think he lacks an all round game, something welbeck has. If we was going to turn into a Ruud type of player i thought he may have suceeded, but we signed hernandez and he has done briliantly as a poacher.


I just dont see how he offers something different to what we already have

I think Hernandez is ultimately one of the better if not near the best poacher in the game right now.

But Macheda isn't a one trick pony imo, he can dribble fairly well too.

And yeah, Welbeck has a better all round game, but the loan spell really helped him too.

Macheda also had a loan spell in a league that would suit his game.

I've never thought of macheda as someone with great dribbling attributes, he doesnt strike me as being very quick either.

Tbh, the Serie A doesn't suit his game when the coach doesn't want to play him and the club are battling relegation.

Macheda is no slow coach though, wonder why you think he isn't very quick.



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