Ferguson meeting Guardiola in New York to discuss July Manchester United takeover

Mundo Deportivo, one of Catalonia's FC Barcelona friendly newspapers, have this morning dropped a bomb which they probably don't quite realise the importance of. They've published a story saying that Sir Alex Ferguson is in New York to meet Pep Guardiola about the possibility of him taking the Manchester United job.

Not only that, they say the reason Guardiola chose to live in New York for a year was so he could learn English better enabling him to take over when Sir Alex Ferguson calls it a day, which Mundo reckon will be next July.

Guardiola already speaks very good English so it's odd that he'd need to move to America to improve that. However, there were also reports, before he chose NYC, that he'd been considering a London move and, for those who want to believe what Mundo are saying, that would fit in with the language theory.

Sir Alex Ferguson has taken a trip to New York City, photographs have appeared which prove that, and we know that Guardiola is living there - there's a high possibility this link is made on little more than that.

The Catalan outlet say that Guardiola would relish the challenge of Manchester United and that it would be a club to suit him. The pressure wouldn't be much less, and that's what forced him to leave Barca, but he doesn't have a personal connection so he wouldn't get overly emotionally involved which could have been the case in Spain.

That isn't to say he wouldn't therefore be suitable for the job, he's explained in the past that he was so deeply entrenched that he couldn't see the situation at Barcelona clearly sometimes and that made him worry he wasn't the best option for the club.

If, or more likely when, this is picked up by the mainstream English media it's likely to be quite a big story. 

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