As we all now alex mcleish is not one to talk about his business

however his big toe has been known to leek information

and today his big toe has finally spoken

his big toe says alex is relieved to join a great club in aston villa

leaving the dark side of birmingham is a breath of fresh air

and he expect many great things to happen in the next few years

bannan will become great

albrighton will shine

and gary gardner will make jack wilshere look like a buffoon

and his signings will be the best we have ever seen




the toe

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where did that come from Coker back no way please NO.


We should be ridding ourselves of his like and some of the others who are at the end, Dunne, Petrov and Heskey just have to go

For a minute then I thought he was coming back, then I read "Daily Mail". I would like him back, but the reason we let him go was because he is on £40,000 a week. Javier Hernandez of United is on less than that! I would take him back on less.
Coker is a greedy joker. His dumb agent held out for more dosh, thinking that poor desperate AVFC would fold. For once, I congratulate the board on not doing so; and proceeding to get rid of the rubbish. Please continue with another half dozen players I could mention. And Coker has his begging bowl out, now he knows no clubs are interested, or he's going to the chumpionship, or if he does get an EPL club, it will be a lowly one, on a fraction of his Villa wages. Good to see greed making folk suffer for once.
I'm fed up of greedy footballers, who are as thick as mince. Millions on the dole, who can't get a job for love or money, and what do the footballers think; god I'm lucky to play this game, not to have to grind a day's real work out if I was lucky to have a job, and take home a wage that increasingly pays for nowt. Nope.
Spot on! Reo-Coker got exactly what he deserved, I think he has hit the earth with a resounding thud, he thought he was as good as Xavi, finally found out he struggles to reach Petrov standard.

Wooo Hooo BFB....


Reo, where's Your  Champions League.... Where's Your Champions League


Far far away......

we have sold Yorke, Milner barry now young and downing is refusing to commit to a contract, 

Henderson was a sunderland fan, Rooney was an everton fan, Carroll was a toon fan,gerrard was an accrington fan (ok maybe not ) 


If Gary gardner comes good and fullfills half of the potential that we all think he has ..I am resigned to the fact he will be sold like every other quality player ... we have had in the last 20 years.. 

:-( if he breaks through this year  or next he might even be sold before he reaches anything like his peak a la henderson, rooney, jones and Paul McShane .. ( k maybe not Rooney ) 


Gardner.... Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!


Please don't go...... don't gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo


I beggin you to stay.....

Never mind a chant for Downing I think we should have a terrace chant for the Toe...

I wouldn't mind Reo-Coker coming back tbh as he can still do a job for us. All he wants is a decent pay rise after the way he has been treated by MON and why shouldn't he now he's hitting the peak of his career. All pro footballers are greedy and are on ridiculous money anyway so what's another 30k per week in the grand scheme of things especially when we will have to pay millions to replace him plus he will have a resell value too if he moves on at a later date. Ok some of the better players mentioned are maybe on less but they are only kids, when they ask for their next contract they will be demanding a lot more trust me. 


A team needs defensive players as well as attacking but a lot of people seems to think they aren't worth spending money on but I disagree. Some people claim Bent is on 100k per week. Ashley Young is going to UTD for 130k per week (Rooney is on almost double that already). Based on last seasons contribution to the team don't tell me Reo-Coker is less than half the player Ashley Young is. I know RL is trying to get wages down but surely we are already part the way there and the focus is on getting rid of the expensive players stuck on the bench or in the reserves, players close to retirement or with no resell value not proper first teamers that have only just turned 27.

I'm not fussed by Reo, but tell me another DM with the experience he has that would cast us less on a 4 year deal?


Even if we give him £50k a week with no signing on fee it'd still be cheaper than spending £5m on say Gardner and then what would we have to pay him £35-40k a week?

My point exactly we could probably do it but we'd probably have to take a gamble on a youth player or a foreigner which isn't worth it imo. Reo is a good solid DM, he might not be able to run with the ball, pass or shoot but if he keeps it simple and lays it off to a nearby player he doesn't need to. I'd like to see him along side Makoun in the middle again.



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