Hello fellow footy fans.


I've recently purchased Football Manager 2011, to try and get used to it before the 2012 version is available.


However, as a beginner starting to play this game, I am slightly confused on how to best set up my team.


Mainly, I'm confused as to how to set up training schedule to maximise a players potential, and some have recommended that you need a special schedule for pre-season and for each player position.


Could someone more experienced in the series provide an in-depth guide on how? I've checked various blogs etc but most are catered for the more experienced player.


Any tips on tactics etc would be great also.


Thanks in advance!

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It's a pity they've started to make it so complicated. I was playing the old Champ Man games when I was still in primary school, don't think that could happen too much these days.


You shouldn't have to find tips online to play a computer game, just try out a few different styles and see which one suits you best. It all depends on how much time you're going to put into it, if you're willing to spend an hour preparing for each game then you can adjust your training and tactics all you like. I always took forever deciding which players to sell and sign but then flew through the season relatively quickly.

Thanks for the advice Team of Skinheads.


I always knew they were very advanced, but this is just NASA territory at the moment. All I see is dials and notches that I can move!

Totally agree with that.  I used to play Champ Manager a lot but it got far too complicated to be able to spend half hour on it here and there.  You need a day at a time nowadays!

half the joy of it is trial and error mate


I usually spend a bit of time at the start of a game sorting out basic training, a setting for full backs, centre backs, wingers, DMs, attacking mids, play makers and then goalscorers - you should know which attributes you want to push for each area.... never go to heavy training workload, just a bit below that is fine


getting good coaches for each area (you assign coaches to different things like attacking/shooting) and the quality of your coaching is measured by the 5 stars at the side - depending on which club you are, you should be aiming to maximise these stars based on the best people you can attract to your club


regarding tactics, just tinker, see what suits you best, have fun with it!

you can also set it so your assistant manager gets more involved, does the pre-season and direct pre-match work, so that would take a bit of the pressure off


I hope you have a decent graphics card and can enjoy the 3D view, it's awesome!!

haven't played much of 2011 because it's been a hectic year or so moving cities etc, but def looking forward to getting stuck into 2012!!

network games against ur mates are the future   haha :)

Thanks for the advice.


I do want the trial and error aspect, but I just dont even know where to start if you get my drift.


If I could just get out the starting blocks, and get a hold on it, I'll be happy to tinker away and find whats best. Started with Villa who have a small squad, so should be easier to keep an eye on the youths also.


Again, any help to just get me started would be great...

yeah I hear ya, if you're a first timer with the new set up it's quite tricky - but there's so much you can do when you play around with all the se ttings, I find even changing the background from grey/white to a darker colour is my preference etc


I would spend about 30-45 minutes going in to the training, "adding schedule" saving it as something new and giving your desired workloads depending on position - i.e. wingers => priority would be speed, attacking, technique.... and so on....


then add players to this type of training, winger to "winger training" full backs to "full back training" etc, this way they should all stay happy with their training and gradually improve!!


send your scouts all round the globe flat out as well, they can come back with some gems for u, some 18 year old who can go straight in the first team even though they're cheap as chips!!


then I would focus on formation, I generally start with a 4-5-1 (even though I hate it in real life) and keep it tight at the back, playing a counter attacking style!! one midfielder playing defensive, one box to box and one more attack minded....


have your striker play as a target man too - it's easy if you right click on the player on the pitch in 'tactics' it gives you different styles you want them to play (deep lying playmaker, target man, poacher, etc) and make sure and save your tactics as you tinker with them, so you can revert to them quickly if u change things


from there it's a case of off you go!!!!


enjoy mate

Thanks again for all the help!

As for the 3D card! Grrrrrr! Borrowed the missus laptop until I get my own, and my God, cavemen would laugh at this thing...



In my early teens I used to play Championship Manager alot. Had not played a manager game for a while until recently when I got my new iPad Football Manager 2010 Handheld was the App of the week so I got it. Its quite good, needs updating though as its just HD version of the iPod/Mobile/PSP version it needs to take advantage of the iPads added processing power. Like the white pele said its about trial and error, if your looking for more of an in-depth expierience start unemployed. I started Unemployed, got my 1st job at Sheff Wed and now I'm at Swansea.


On FIFA11 Be A Pro mode I started at Barnsley, went to Aston Villa, then to United, to AC Milan and now I play with Messi and Villa either side of me at Barca. lol


Its more fun to work your way up than manage/play for a big club straight away .  

Loving Fifa lately also, though I think it could still be a lot harder on Legendry. After a while the computer becomes very predicatable.

If we're turning this into a general Football Manager thread then I may as well show off my 'achievments'.


Played a lot of FM08 at uni. Started a game with Vauxhall Motors in Blue Square North and eventually won the Premiership with them. Won every major trophy apart from the Champions League, my laptop broke and I lost the save before I had the chance :(

nooooooooooooooo, they need to introduce a cloud type thing that stores ur game somewhere on t'interweb!!


i always had a tendency to take over reading for some reason over the years, still don't know why, but I now keep an eye out for them every week, and feel a sense of pride when one of the youngsters I blooded makes it in real  :D



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