The much praised (by his friends in the press) Harry Redknapp has been heavily, heavily linked with the vacant managers job at Chelsea. Last night no less that 4 bets over £2000 where placed at bookies in London which saw his over night overs slashed from 6/1 to 5/2, baring in mind at the start of yesterday 'Arry was 25/1, someone, somewhere knows something (or thinks he/she does)


At first glance it looks an Odd one. Arry' Redknapp? Really? He's not exactly got a proven record of winning leagues and his experience in the CL has all come in the last 12 months.


But then you consider the way Redknapp plays his football. It's by no means complicated or over tactical, but it is expressive and attacking. Roman demands two things it would seem from his manager;


  • Attacking, flamboyant, entertaining football
  • Win the Champions League


Now lets be fair to 'Arry, he has never really had a chance to win the league, so you can't say he's not good enough to do the job, he's always done pretty well with lesser teams.


I just wonder how Torres would react to being compared to "Sandra" in front of goal?


The point i'm making is I'm not sure if 'Arry would be able to deal with that many player with large profiles... ahem.


But with Levy, Redknapp is used to someone playing "Football Mamanger" above his head, so Ambramovic's players on a whim will be seen as "the norm" as long as Redknapps requests for players aren't ignored I don't think he'd mind he russian boss bringing in supposedly one of the worlds best players.


If Roman dictates who must play though, I could see the words "ass", "up", "it" and "stick" being used is one way or another.


My next point about Redknapp is that I think his style of coaching is suited to a big team, he's really going to be able to improve many of the players technically. But as a team and a group the way VDV describes his training was like "playing football with a group of mates". Thats basically what Redknapp does, allows the team just to play football with each other, learn how each other move, see who works well together and get them working together and understanding each others patterns of play.


There's also the question of the England Job which apparently the fans want to see (or his mates in the press want to see) however I think any chance of that disappeared when Harry alledgedly took a liking to brown paper and rubber stoppers. Traits i'm sure Roman will be familiar with if rumours are correct pertaining to the accumulation of his wealth.


So an English manager managing one of the Premier Leagues top teams... it could happen.


They would look like the odd couple, and Romans missus may confuse 'Arry for a piece a modern art... "I vant zat melted cheese man, get me Vladamir on ze phone" .... but you know it could just work.


Chelsea certainly have the player to play an expansive attacking style of football, their back line is certainly strong enough and I can see Harry also being able to tempt Modric and Bale to follow him, Can Chelsea fans see....



Bosingwa Luiz Terry Bale


Ramires Lampard Modric

Drogba Torres


Full of Talent, full of ability, if properly motivated, which is my final point about Harry, I think its a team that could beat anyone and play some great football along the way. But such is the strength in depth or your sqaud, you have of players that could slot nicely in to the team, Malouda, Anelka, McEachran, Obi (Wan), Alex ect ect...


So can 'Arry handle the pressure and an over baring owner?


Can Harry be the first English man to win the Premier League? 


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