I hope we play the same team as we played against Bristol City, it would be nice to get a similar result, but most likely Bruce will tinker and we'll come up short!

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Dead right. That was a team which can win matches, and played like it. We were a bit lucky that Bristol were probably shattered, but think we'd have won anyway. We did start off on the defensive as usual, but with confidence that should go.

I believe Terry has a niggle and Hogan is OK, so no reason not to play the same team.  Wouldn't be that surprised though if Bruce sticks in Whelan and Onomah.

I hope the rumours about Bjarnason leaving aren't true, as I think there's a good player there, if he's played in the right position. He's an attacking midfielder, and that's how he can do damage. Bruce is playing him too deep.

Guaranteed if fit then Terry will play- we managed to put together some good results without him - what does he & Whelan contribute ?

Whelan and Terry back in. As Terry rolled his ankle mid week there's no way I'd start him. Unimpressed by Whelan back in; he's slow, and Forest have the players to take advantage.

Team: Johnstone, Elmo, Chester, Terry, Hutton, Snoddy, Whelan, Hourihane, Adomah, Grealish, Hogan

Bench: Bunn, Taylor, Elphick, Bjarnason, Lansbury, Onomah, Davis

Neither Jedinak or Steer on the bench. No O' Hare either.

We might get a result, but he is open to abuse if they don't. Really, why change the side from Bristol City?

0-1. Hogan. Nice one Scotty.

Disappointed we didn’t score more but good win and we are fourth.

Whats not to like?

Agreed a solid defensive performance even with the two old guys !

I'll take that. Hope it's the start of putting in solid consistent performances.

I'll take us winning every game from now on in 1-0 as we cruise back to the Prem!!

We did look solid, I kept saying to myself "we need a second". Happily we didn't need a second. Some decent performances, let's keep this run going....

really enjoyed watching that. Defence looked solid with Terry back, that's what he offers Greek, an experienced cool head that reads the game well. He has convinced me how wrong I was to say he would be just along for the ride.

That was a game we dominated in all areas, if you didn't watch it. It should of been more than 1 nil but as said, we will take that with pleasure.

I feel sorry for Elphy as he deserved to keep his place on the last 2 showings but Bruce likes his favourites.

we looked so much better due to resting players last week unlike Forest, who played most of their first team against Arsenal last week. 

Watched the Cardiff game also, they look pretty good still so its going to be a long hard slog battling them, Derby to that 2nd spot.

I think Bristol will fall away now due to the quality of their squad.

its in our own hands now as long as Bruce doesn't mess it up. 

When are Wolves going to have a bad run?



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