According to reports in the Brazilian media former Arsenal defender Andre Santos has been fined by for breaking a contractual agreement his club Flamengo has with their shirt providers Adidas.

Globosporte have reported on Santos appearing on Brazilian television were he turned up with a bag endorsing Nike. The Brazilian international went on the show wearing an official club shirt which had Adidas emblazed across the front but he also took upon him himself to promote his boot sponsors Nike. Adidas pumps millions into Flamengo and Santo’s actions were seen as being severe. For his actions the player was hit with a fine of R$20m which equates to around £5,000.

Santo’s explanation for taking the Nike bag onto the show was that it contained shirts which he had planned to distribute to guests but because he didn’t seek permission from his club he was found to have broken Flamengo's agreement between Adidas. In addition the 30 year old was also supposed to inform Flamengo that he would be wearing the official Adidas club shirt which is something he didn't apply to. The club escaped a fine from the German sports brand as total blame was put on Santos for the episode.

Santos signed for Arsenal in summer 2011 but he failed to make an impact at the club. He spent just two seasons with the North London side but he only made 25 Premier League appearances which resulted in him eventually being sold to Flamengo last summer. Santos will be best remember by the Arsenal faithful for requesting  Robin van Persie’s shirt at half time during a defeat to Manchester United which brought condemnation from manager Arsene Wenger.

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