Former Liverpool player Ryan Babel ridicules England's choice of captain

Former Liverpool player Ryan Babel has taken to Twitter to ridicule Scott Parker's appointment as England captain. The often outspoken Dutchman, not in the Holland squad, feels it should have been given to a more recognised player, such as his former team mate Steven Gerrard.

Steve G playing tonight? Then I don't understand why he aint captain? Did the FA decided that? I respect Parker as a player, good midfielder but we are talkin about Steve G here..

I see it already happen Xavi laughing in his mind standing infront of Parker before the game with the refs thinking " Who's he ? "

Somebody in my mentions said Parker had 10 caps and Gerrard 89 caps.. WELL !!! I got 40 caps for Holland.. I think I should atleast wear the band once don't u think ? LMAO.

Babel has a large following of Liverpool supporters and there will be an element of playing to the crowd surrounding his comments, which there often is. All to be taken with a bit of humour. 

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He's taking the Michael (case in point regarding his number of caps)! I love Babel - one of the few recent Liverpool flops (I'm thinking Konchesky, Poulsen, J.Cole here) who I will still take an interest in. Perhaps he should have set off more fireworks in his kitchen to have the same aura as Balotelli in this country!

Or been good at football like Balotelli.

No argument here! Always had potential, never fulfilled it.

Which Xavi is he talking about here?

Media creates a fuss about Captaincy shows our priorities are wrong.The Dutch are busy hammering their coach & team to play beautiful football & win with style yet we argue over a piece of cloth!

England will not play better just because player X is the captain. Talent & good tactics wins you games not who is wearing armband.

Fergie was right when he said the biggest obstacle to the England Manager's job is the MEDIA

You're kidding yourself if you think the media is different in other countries.

For example, Argentina slam Messi as routine and want a manager change every match. Holland eat themselves up over player selection and talk so much about in-fighting they cause in-fighting.



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