Like most of you I followed the manager saga with first hope (maybe, probably fallacious) then impatience and finally awe att the seemingly horrific appointment of BigEck.

Now, when I'm over the dissapointment of not signing an Internationally renowwned manager... what on earth did we really expect... suddenly I'm feeling a little hopeful. Why?

'cause BigEck and Randy are going to just have to pull out every single stop to show us that they aren't total losers so the impetus might just carry us on to greater things ... c'mon the Villa!!



...always look on the bright side of life eh?

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Very true Positive... You're like most of us, we now have to hope the board made the right decision and support the team...


Welcome to SportWitness btw.

thanks mate... joined 'cause been watching these idiots stirring up trouble and generally being pains in the derriére... bit of sense needed in this situation. Really believe Villas gonna do ok with Eck in fact - thank God I don't live in Brum still though ;-)
I think the proof will be in the pudding.  If he goes out and spends (which he has to as basically we need pretty much a new team) we should be in a good position, but if he's given £10 million, we know exactly why he was brought in.

I'll move us forward with a joke.


Aston Villa fans should really get off Alex McLeish's back.

After all, he's taken them to second in the league already.



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