Then its 'WOW'  back in the big boys league  !!

Reading the media they reckon we might just survive  ?

What do they know ? - We do cos we are AV  thro & thro - maybe biased but after 5yrs of mis management

we now have management team & owners who are determined to ensure not only our survival but to progess

to get us back among the the elite of EPL.

We have bought wisely - never mind what big Sam says !

I am not expecting anything spectacular this season - just survival will do do fine ! anything more will be a bonus !

The future is looking good for us AVFC true supporters.

Roll on saturday its live on Greek tv - ouzo on ice cooling !!!

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The first game to play is pick a team because I haven’t got a clue.

My only offer is Mings and Grealish 9 places to fill

Looking forwards to it. A bit nervous. But not too much. Smith is canny and he knows what he'll face with Spuds. A good test. It was a good test against Leipzig and we did OK there.

Not sure whether we get an awfull lot from friendlies other than match fitness !

DS is a canny manager but he will provide an unknown type of mix to the EPL - hoping the new guys can gel quickly !!

Two days now. What's impressed me is the nearly all the new signings fitted in the moment they appeared on the pitch. We have a plan, and the signings were chosen to fit into the plan. Guilbert, Engels, Konsa, Heaton, Jota, Wesley. They all clicked. Trezeguet was only on the pitch for a few minutes but got a brilliant assist. Have slight doubts about Targett; think at the moment Taylor, who has improved a lot, offers more. But Targett will learn.

I, sadly will be on a plane when we play. Good luck to everyone, I hope the boys do us proud. UTV



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