This evening the Six Nations will start on a Friday for the first time, a decision criticised by many.


However as the match has got closer and atmosphere builds it does seem to be some occasion. 


The fabulous Millenium Stadium will have it's roof closed tonight, not letting one drop of atmosphere escape and the home fans will be looking to make it an intimidating start to the tournament for England.


Both teams know that tonight is a game they really can't lose should they wish to challenge for the Six Nations and the prospect of a World Cup later this year adds even more pressure.


England are favourites but home advantage playing against a team short on Millenium Stadium experiences may prove to be a leveller for Wales.


Put your feet up, grab a beer or several and get ready for fireworks.



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I've never been a Rugby fan but I usually watch England games especially in the World Cup, Six Nations etc.


I suppose all the build up just gets you in the mood even if you're not a huge fan.

I would be watching it if it wasn't for the Borussia Dortmund game.


Caught the last 15 minutes of the first half there.


I'm not a big fan of rugby either but I'll watch the Six Nations, the World Cup, the Lions Tour etc.

I don't think there's much interest for this!

I quite like the Six Nations, it's just the kicking game that i cannot stand.


Unless it's from Dan Carter. That guy is the Messi of the RU world. Amazing player.

I thought it was a great start to the competition and the Friday night start just added to what was always going to be a great game. The atmosphere was electric and the game was very exciting, enjoyed Jonny's cameo too haha



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