From Italy: Vidal to Manchester United back on, Juve have replacement, await move

Ah, how we'd missed Arturo Vidal. The daily contradictions in the Italian and British media were a staple of the summer transfer window and the whole farce grew bigger than even that of wesley Sneijder before the Chilean. Vidal himself did nothing to kill the story, which is what gave it all so much oxygen. A public forthright refusal to consider an exit from Juventus would have been all Vidal needed to do and perhaps what his adoring Juventus fans deserved.

Whether there was any real interest and how serious that was will always be disputed but it would be no surprise of Vidal's knee proved to be a serious issue. We covered reports from Chile saying as much in the summer and there were all kinds of claims of mystery surrounding his recovery. Juventus had complained - to the Chilean media- that Vidal's national team hadn't been sharing information on the player's recovery, meaning they had to go through thorough tests when the player returned to Turin.

Vidal had continued playing at the end of last season longer than he should. He needed an operation on his knee but delayed it to help Juventus. That wasn't wise. Due to the operation being delayed, Vidal faced a rush to be fit in time for the World Cup and played for Chile before he was fully fit, that wasn't wise either. His prolonged break when returning to Juventus suggested that early return had caused a setback and any Manchester United worry was therefore understandable.

The midfielder has had other, less serious, injury problems so far this season and that has seen Juventus able to give opportunity to Roberto Pereyra. The 23 year old arrived from Udinese in the summer and Tuttosport reckon he's an interesting candidate to take the Vidal role should a Manchester United move happen.

They mention such because they also report that Manchester United are expected to return for Vidal, thinking the midfielder would be easier to sign than AS Roma's Kevin Strootman. A January move is probably unlikely for either, especially if the Serie A pair are having good season.

Tuttosport reckon Juventus' asking price for next summer be €45m to €50m.

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......What nonsense! every year (for the last few) this has been an on going, sad journalists idea of a story. None of the Juve or Vidal camp are interested in calling it a day. Why dont you idle thumbed journalists find real stories to publicize?

Listen Abdul, see from your comment history that Vidal makes you come out all emotional. That's fine, it happens for some people. However, you are shooting the messenger here. Furthermore, it hasn't been around every year for the last few, but then your emotions perhaps went a bit wild. 

You need to calm down. If you're so sure that Vidal has no interest in a move and the Turin press are simply lying then there's no need to get yourself so repeatedly upset about it. 



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