From Portugal: Sporting boss in England, Carvalho to Arsenal on agenda

The Portuguese press are never knowingly out-rumoured and so is the case on Tuesday when Record decide that Sporting Lisbon president Bruno de Carvalho isn't in England only for the Soccerex convention. The Sporting boss is due to hold a seminar titled 'How to run a successful football club' which fits right in with his ego and image conscious side.

Bruno de Carvalho has taken on himself a battle to help Sporting win against agents and players just out for the money and whilst the sentiment may sound nice, the details haven't been so far. The farce over Marcos Rojo will land Sporting an appointment at the Court of Arbitration for Sport and Eric Dier, now at Tottenham, spoke out about the poor treatment he thought he received this summer.

Only taking over last year, Bruno de Carvalho has some nerve telling leaders of other clubs how they should be run but he'll do it anyway. This is a man who sits on the bench during games, he simply doesn't care. And, to be fair to him, it's made him very popular among Sporting supporters who are continually ready to defend a man they, perhaps rightly, feel has their best interests at heart.

Anyway, Record reckon William Carvalho is on the agenda too. Soccerex is in Manchester so the inevitable links with Old Trafford are there, but they state it's a fact that Arsenal have Carvalho on their radar. Now would be a good time to start talking if Arsenal want Carvalho in January. Sporting are trying to buy back some of the player's rights so a transfer is more beneficial to them and if they know a club is going to pay a certain amount. It gives them clarity and confidence in lending the money to buy back some rights.

Arsenal should send someone to Bruno de Carvalho's lecture on how to do things and have them nod repeatedly, maybe the odd whoop and standing ovation wouldn't go amiss. 

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