I thought that we were home against Fulham but we are away so I am pleased that we can take the Southampton achievement down to Craven Cottage.

That bloke Lawro has Fulham to win 2-1 so that's a good start

Not going to even try to pick a team but just leave it to PL to set us up for a win.

I haven't got a score right so far so I will not try except to say on the basis of the Southampton result I am going for a win with no goals against us, I presume Bent cannot play as he is our player?

Hope that Vlaar is fit to play as we need him.

Onwards and upwards

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Interesting. Does Lambert stick to 3-5-2? Does he use the opportunity to use more of the squad, as he said he would over this period? If he does, does he alter the style of play, away from a counter-attacking model? We won't know until Sunday.

Just to speculate:


Lowton   Clark   Baker   Luna

Bacuna   Westwood  Delph  Tonev

      Helenius     Benteke

Think Vlaar may be out for a bit. There's an argument to resting Delph for MU, in which case Abrighton or KEA may be options. Although he might keep Albrighton for MU. He might give Johnson an outing. All in all, I hope he goes for an attacking line up.

Another clean sheet would be very nice. As would a goal for Benteke, I'm with Johnny, I won't even try to guess the line up.

Any positive result is an improvement on last season as we lost 1-0. Is Vlaar out? The trouble will be that with the last victory some fickle fans will EXPECT to win against Fulham. Wouldn't be surprised if it is a 0-0!

I hope not another win would be terrific going into the busy Christmas period, get the points on the board.

If Vlaar isn't fit it's impossible to play 3-5-2 as we don't have 3 centre backs available! I'd like to think Delph is a fit enough individual to manage playing Fulham and having a week's rest. If not, Sylla is always available. Gardner is close to being back to match fitness now as well isn't he? 

Think it was sensible dropping Benteke, his Sunderland performance was dire and dropping him was a big kick up the backside as he realised his place in the side wasn't untouchable. I'd put him back in for Fulham. Wish Kozak could be stronger in holding the ball up but he did well to get his goal and can only grow as a player. 

There's an argument to not change the side too much aside for Vlaar's injury. I've not watched Fulham that much so can't offer a great deal for knowing what to expect and how they'll play, just that we'll need to be strong in the tackle against Berbatov and not give him time on the ball.

I think 4-3-3 is the best option though away from home. Definite call to have a quick front line though as although their defence is tall and strong, it's not very pacey and will struggle if we can get the ball in behind them. That's why I'd play a front three of:

Benteke   Kozak   Gabby

Gabby can be in a wide role and making angled runs, Benteke a bit off to the right as I think if we play it long it's better to play it a bit wide to allow for better run offs. Playing it long down the middle normally means going straight to the keeper. Benteke has always seemed very dangerous when coming inside off a wider position. Just a suggestion anyway as I think Kozak deserves to play and Benteke will have learned his lesson after being dropped.

Why Steer and why no Gabby, McP?

umma - my thoughts were that Lambert will want to give Steer a go before Xmas (I think he said he wanted the whole squad involved) and maybe this is the match to do it. If he wants Guzan playing a blinder it will be in the MU match.

And Gabby is not long injured, and again he's the sort of player who can turn over MU.

Fulham aren't a walk over. We could lose with any team we play, even though I think we'll win it. But my gut feeling is that Lambert will take a few risks with this one. Hence the inclusion of Helenius, and players like Bacuna (and/or Albrighton) who're good going forwards. Less of a counter-attacking side, more of an all-out attacking side.

Wouldn't it make more sense to go for the strongest possible team against Fulham go all out for the win. And them maybe have a couple of minor injuries giving the whole squad a chance against utd. After all if we're playing at home and it's utd. Whatever we do it'll be 2-3 and we can be proud of the effort.

That might be the safe route. But I don't think Lambert does safe routes; he wants to win every game, although he's realistic enough to know that against stronger teams counter-attack is probably our best way of doing that. After all, if he's got players like Gabby, Weimann and Kozak on the bench for the Fulham game he's plenty of options available.

We shall see.

Pundits really don't have a clue even though we are a really good side away from home they still they still think we will loose.

I just hope no on has any injuries so we can go and beat Fulham and it will be a huge boost if we can get Vlaar back.

For Fulham we have to go as strong as we can we have to try get all three points because we play UTD next at home. We also have momentum after the win and we have to carry it on for the game on Sunday.

My team


                                                          Lowon           Baker        Clark

                     Bacuna                Delph                Westy            KEA            Luna

                                                           Gabby          Kozak

I don't really see Fulham scoring because they only play one up top and with those three at the back they wont score. Gabby is in good form and will cause them problems and our trump card will be desperate to come on and score in Benteke and Andi.

i dont think Lowton should be in the team, as he was poor again defensively when he came on (even if it was in an unfamiliar position). Kozak should keep his place, as he got a goal that he was there for, and it will keep Benteke honest and hungry for MU, if he gets back in the side. 

i think we should go 4-3-3


Bacuna Clark Baker Luna

KEA Westwoood Delph

Weimann Kozak Gabby


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