Bruce should have experimented with the youngsters in the last game; plenty of excuses if it didn't come off, the fans would understand. Hope he will not churn out the same old team this time around; he'll be slaughtered if he does. We need to give the younger players the chance to come through. Something really adventurous would be something like:


Bree Chester Baker Bacuna

RHM Jedinak Lyden Green



But he won't. But he surely has to make changes. I still view Grealish as an asset, if he's in the right sort of team playing a fairly forward role. And it's the right sort of team Bruce should be trying.


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Grealish needs to prove he is an asset but he can't do that if Bruce doesn't play him, so he must be in the team to make it or break it.

I agree that the youngsters need an airing but there is no way he will play 3 in the midfield. It is a problem Bruce has created he is running out of games to blood these youngsters. I suspect it will be like all the others who have come through the ranks and they won't get a fair chance and just move on.

The only one who has had chance after chance is flabby.

I would not play Bacuna under any circumstances and I would rest Baker, and one of Hourihane or Lansbury.

This is about next season now and we all need to know if players are up to it

Team: Johnstone, Bree, Chester, Elphick, Baker, Amavi, Jedinak, Gardner, Grealish, Hogan, Kodjia

Bench: Bunn, Hutton, Lansbury, Hourihane, Adomah, Bacuna, RHM

Not sure what set up that is, but it's heavily weighted towards defence. At least Bree, Gardner and Grealish are getting an outing. No sign of Green. Personally would have stuck Hourihane alongside Jedi rather than Gardner.

Think there's a danger of "hoof it up to the front two".

One down Kodjia off another great day .

If Grealish is our saviour then God help us.

I'm beginning to not care any more, if Kodjia should have gone so should their man as he kicked out first, just shows how low we are, wondering if Bruce could organise a pi55 up the wall.

I am sorry but Grealish is not an asset, he is very much  liability. Villa should cash in and sell him in the summer. Kodjia has picked up a stupid red card, and will miss the Blues match (and maybe others). We need to gut this squad completely in the summer. Amavi, Bacuna, Gardner, Elphick and Agbonlahor need to go. We should bring Gil back from Spain and try to attract a decent right sided winger. We need to play Green and RHM in the last 2 games, after next week's game. Grealish just scored but still need more from him.

It's now official in my mind Bruce hasn't got a clue, he may get us promoted eventually but we will be bored to death the process.

If I was the Doc I'd ask for my money back, £40m of players out on loan and we play like that.

Oh dear! A reality check these last 2 results. Reading and Fulham are likely to be 2 of the teams we are challenging for promotion next season and we have come up short.

Losing Kodjia for the last 3 games (likely) might be a blessing as we need other options. But having said that I would have wanted him to play against the Blues. If Blackburn can get a couple of results we might be able to help send the Blues down! Now I think we might struggle next Sunday.

Bruce needs to re group and the lads need to work hard this week. A defeat, and any good that Bruce has built up will go out the window. The fickle one's will start screaming again.

You cant really call fans fickle for the amount spent and no major improvement on the field.

He has been in charge for most of the season yet you can say we have only played well twice, Brighton away, Rotherham at home. We just don't have a style of play yet or a formation that is working.

Watching Fulham play the ball around was how I wish we could play. It ripped us apart but also showed how far we are off from being a promotion candidate team.

Yes he has a transfer window coming up to chop the squad, bring in quality over quantity but I just do not see his style of play changing for the better.

Its mid table football at best.

The new school coaches at some of our rivals will make good teams with out spending a fortune by playing a modern way of the game like Fulham/Leeds/ Huddersfield / reading/ Brentford.

I just cant see us in the mix with his style of the game.

sorry to sound fickle but its how I felt hen he took over.

Grealish has hardly played - give him time. The problem is not just that our style of play doesn't play to his strengths, it's that we don't have any sort of style of play. Bruce has got results when he's set the team up not to concede and hope to nick a goal or to, but attempts to go beyond that have been hopeless.

Grealish will play for England, and I hope he's still with us when he does. Because if he isn't it's because we're still mid-Championship playing hoofball.



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