Ah well- at least we have been put out of our misery - and I include Garde in that!

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You're right; move on. Nervy times. Reckon there are two basic scenarios:

a) the revamp is completed and is a success, and there's enough backing from the club for candidates like Moyes/Pearson/Rodgers etc to feel that this is a project worth their while in taking on.

b) the revamp is sort of completed, but Randy steps in and says there's no money and the club is going to have to survive as best it can, which probably means more cuts (except the deadwood) some "promising young manager" who Randy favours taking over, maybe Monk, which means a struggle to avoid a second relegation and Randy loses a heap more money.

I hope it's (a). Getting the club properly run, getting the finances right but making sure there is some investment going into the squad, getting in a manager who can do it and giving that manager the support needed, sorting out the players once and for all, and I think we can do OK. But all that's got to happen.

I favour Moyes. I'm not sure about Pearson but some Leicester fans say take no notice of his public image, he's good with players and building a team, so maybe he's OK as well. I'd also give Rodgers a go. The rest I'm totally unenthusiastic about; the media may think McCarthy, Bruce & Co are what we should be looking at, but I think Moyes/Pearson/Rodgers offer the best route to getting back to the PL and staying there.

But I can't help remembering past appointments and thinking this one could go pear shaped as well.

The revamp is not complete. Is it??

As of this moment, no. At least I hope not!



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