Gareth Bale transfer was part of Real Madrid deal for Luka Modric

When Real Madrid and Tottenham Hotspur, more the latter to be honest, announced that they'd started a partnership off the back of the deal for Luka Modric, the first thought which entered many people's heads was a potential move for Gareth Bale, and that's what the Sunday Mirror are claiming today.

Tottenham's side insist that the relationship is about sharing coaching practices and both clubs working together to give each a competitive advantage in the business side of football. Real Madrid have barely talked about the deal themselves.

The Mirror claim that Jose Mourinho and his La Liga champions have first option on Gareth Bale should either Spurs decide to sell the player or the Welshman hand in a transfer request. The phrase 'first option' is thrown around a lot without anyone ever explaining what it actually means, making it a nice blanket to throw over many situations.

It wouldn't mean Real Madrid would get him cheaper than anyone else and it wouldn't mean the deal would be done without anyone else bidding. The Spanish would get Gareth Bale if Tottenham decided to sell and they bid more than everyone else who satisfied Bale's requirements - basically the exact same situation as without any 'first-option' agreement. It's total fluff in our opinion.

An interesting slant is that he's valued at £45m in the article which is quite amazing and many Tottenham fans would accompany him on an EasyJet flight to the Spanish capital to secure their club that amount.

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So its not really a deal then is it?....think about it! Tottenham will only sell to Real Madrid IF they were the highest bidder, Tottenham wanted to sell and Bale wanted to go....where is the deal in that?

Erm, that's what the article explains.



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