General Question to Sport Witness and other Members .

The question i have for sport witness is have they any intention of running a fantasy premier league this year for members to join and if so can they post the membership code for all interested members to use to register  .

I personally found last years league enjoyable and source for a good bit of banter with other members and feel it would work in much the same way again this year . If possible post your answer on here .


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Morning, we'd be happy to. What platform would you like it on?

We can sort a prize out as well.

Last year there were several Leagues run on Barclays Permier League Fantasy League Game by members of Aston Villa Sport Witness with a great deal of interest from a good many members . This Fantasy League platform seems to be one of the most popular and easiest to get on with .


A Prize! :) I like prizes.

The code for any sport witness member who is interested in joining this season in the

Barclay's Fantasy Premier League is 254257-128444 This is for the Sport Witness 2012 League .



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