German journalist says Lukas Podolski isn't happy or comfortable at Arsenal right now

There seems to be a new issue at Arsenal each day and far be it from us to want to contribute to that but a German journalist spoke today on talkSPORT about how uncomfortable Lukas Podolski is right now at the London club. It's another problem looming on the horizon which the club didn't need and Podolski needs to be aware that anything he says to journalists in Germany, especially those who work for Europe's highest selling tabloid, will find its way back to England quickly.

The striker didn't want to talk to English journalists after the game against Schalke but was happy to speaking to Bild. He told them that he 'doesn't really like to play winger' and he isn't fond of the position he's being asked to play because it involves him doing a lot of defending and he has to 'run up and down a lot'.

The journalist who was sharing all this with Richard Keys and Andy Gray seemed blissfully unaware of the fuss it may cause and he went on to say that what Podolski told him was like a small attack on Arsene Wenger and the way he's setting the team up. Podolski wants to play as one of two strikers or as a traditional number ten, a 'matchmaker'.

The Germany international is worried that defending is harming his attacking game and he blames the situation for his recent lack of goals. the journalist said he got the impression that Podolski isn't very happy right now at Arsenal and isn't comfortable with the way things are going for the team.

Germany play Holland in a week and a break away with the national team may be just what Lukas Podolski needs, but if he doesn't get in the team because he hasn't been scoring goals then he may have another whinge to the German media about his troubles at Arsenal. 

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