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I'm here to speak the unspeakable.

The more Lucas and Meireles gel in midfield the less I want to see Stevie in it. 


I'm getting a bit frustrated by his tendancy towards Hollywood passes this season.  At times he looks like he is just trying to do it on his own, bypassing players and losing possession. 


Understandable considering he has had to carry us so many times.  But it's becoming more apparent that we play better as a collective without Gerrard (in MF), with others stepping up rather than looking to pass to him.  If we are in need of an overhaul, surely we need to build around other players?


Anyway, I wonder if Kenny has the balls to drop him for a game if it would benefit the team? 

He got a bit of a break with Lucas being injured as he could keep pretty much the same team and formation.


Another thing that's worrying me is Kuyt's looking tired after 60-70mins, maybe we should give him a rest every now and then.... and play Gerrard on the RW?


Had a great few seasons there under Benitez, goals and assists galore.

Kelly is looking strong at RB and has anyone else noticed his unerring ability to pick out Torres?  Reminds me of watching Alonso and seeing him immediately look for Gerrard (intention wise not skill).


We'd have a good attacking threat from the right.  Torres has already been drifting right to collect balls from Kelly, Gerrard could provide a link to Torres out wide, or cut in with Kelly bombing forward providing crosses. 


AND the Meireles and Lucas partnership can remain unchanged!

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I've always said that Gerrard has got the ability to pretty much play anywhere on the pitch (heck, he's even played at RB for us).


But right now, the ONE thing we don't have is a pacey winger or two. That is what we desperately need. A pacey, tricky winger who can beat his man and get the assists. Unfortunately, I don't see Stevie being able to fully accomplish the kind of performances he did a couple of seasons ago.


That being said, we could do worse.


Nabil El Zhar, anyone? Ha!

Its a headache for Kenny but that is only good for the team, I dont think we should play Gerrard on the right as when Lucas is back Gerrard can play instead of Poulsen and Meireles can play in a more advanced role.



Yeah if Gerrard can work with Meireles as the advanced Midfielder then that's great.  My reasoning was that the simple balls are working in midfield and Gerrard is often losing possession by trying a complex pass.


Also RE the tricky winger debate, I can't see us buying both a Left and a Right Winger so if I had to choose considering our 4-3-3 and use of fullbacks I'd go for a Left Winger.  N'Zogbia anyone?!

I reckon Gerrard on the right is something we need to consider at the moment but depends on any possible signings that may be made.  I would prefer us to have one holding midfielder and let both Meireles and Gerrard be more attacking.


Also, does anyone else think Poulsen as been better since the kings second coming...?

I agree Poulsen does look a different player but seriously lacks pace. 


We do need a fast winger with a good delivery but nothing will happen till the summer for a winger.


Re: N'Zogbia.


I'm not sold on him, if I'm honest. One week the guy looks like Lionel Messi. Then the following week, he looks more like Oyvind Leonhardsen!


Oh, don't get me wrong, we don't need LW AND RW, just one. I could then see (if the Suarez rumours of an agreed fee are to be believed) a front three of Torres, Suarez and the tricky winger.


But hey, that's me dreaming.

Agree with N'Zogbia comments he seems to play a blinder when he is against the big teams, trying to impress.



I've rated N'Zog for a while, especially his link with Rodallega... they really do pull Wigan out of the mire repeatedly.  Not World Class but pacey, tricky and 'realistic' (more so than some names mentioned).


Contrary haha I'm trying NOT to dream then if we do get HeWhoMustNotBeNamed it'll be a nice surprise :D

What rumours of an agreed fee...?  sorry, been in meetings all morning, hence my absence.

Ah, it's been mentioned on a couple of sites that we've *apparently* reached an agreement with Ajax for a fee for HeWhoMustNotBeNamed. Again, it's all rumours, but apparently this morning one of the Sky Sports reporters was informed of a Press Conference at Anfield either later today or tomorrow.


It's one of those "Fingers, Toes, Genitals crossed" moments.


Right, no more talk. It's 4pm, and I'm going home. The luxuries of being a Civil Servant.


An Shambles, over and out.

Just searched but can't see anything so I guess I will have to take your word for it.


An shambles indeed

Hello Fellow Reds! :-)


Nice to see Poulsen get a bit of praise for his performances against wolves and Fulham. He still isn't upto scratch but His floated pass last night over the top was top notch, not to mention the splitting pass against Wolves.



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