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I'm here to speak the unspeakable.

The more Lucas and Meireles gel in midfield the less I want to see Stevie in it. 


I'm getting a bit frustrated by his tendancy towards Hollywood passes this season.  At times he looks like he is just trying to do it on his own, bypassing players and losing possession. 


Understandable considering he has had to carry us so many times.  But it's becoming more apparent that we play better as a collective without Gerrard (in MF), with others stepping up rather than looking to pass to him.  If we are in need of an overhaul, surely we need to build around other players?


Anyway, I wonder if Kenny has the balls to drop him for a game if it would benefit the team? 

He got a bit of a break with Lucas being injured as he could keep pretty much the same team and formation.


Another thing that's worrying me is Kuyt's looking tired after 60-70mins, maybe we should give him a rest every now and then.... and play Gerrard on the RW?


Had a great few seasons there under Benitez, goals and assists galore.

Kelly is looking strong at RB and has anyone else noticed his unerring ability to pick out Torres?  Reminds me of watching Alonso and seeing him immediately look for Gerrard (intention wise not skill).


We'd have a good attacking threat from the right.  Torres has already been drifting right to collect balls from Kelly, Gerrard could provide a link to Torres out wide, or cut in with Kelly bombing forward providing crosses. 


AND the Meireles and Lucas partnership can remain unchanged!

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He is definitely improving mate and is doing a good job in Gerrards/Lucas absence, I did feel sorry for him when he first arrived and he got a lot of stick.

Its not his fault he is a Liverpool player but he has stuck to it and seems to want to prove people wrong, I just wish he was a bit younger and had more pace.

Yeah Deportivo,


Everyone's calmed down regards to criticism in general, which is great.  Atmosphere's back!

Think Kenny's really allowing them freedom of play and where Poulson and some others are concerned, the simple passing game suits them perfectly.  I expect a steady increase of confidence :)

I've mentioned previously that gerrard should play on the right for us, these days sadly he's not as effective in the centre due to his lack of discipline but behind Torres or playing on the right he can provide something, under rafa at times he played on the right and had loads of assists so he can clearly play out there, Meireles and Lucas complement each other well in the centre and we should let that partnership blossom but I think if we get Charlie Adam in then he can take Lucas's place.



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