Gerrard's Groin is Ready, Can the rest of him be far behind?

Gerrard's interview on the official site today is really positive, sounds like he's excited to get back to full training and match play, which is great to read.


I was really quite worried about this latest injury, and when you read this interview, you can see that it was a bit dodgy there for a bit. Thank goodness it appears to have worked out, at least from a fitness perspective.


Can't wait to see him leading out the side again, and having him back should give an extra lift to the rest of the players.


Still can't say I like that picutre though...looks like he wants to slay whoever is taking it!




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He's pinpointing the game against Spurs on the 18th as his return and he has the rest of the international break to get fully fit as well. I'd imagine (and hope) that replaces Henderson and not Adam.

I'm being childish here but these few sentences cracked me up for a bit.


"My groin is tested when I'm working and the physios collect data. My groin scores now are better than before I even started feeling my groin.

My groin has been fixed and is as strong as ever. What I've done over the past four weeks tells me that's the case and I've got total confidence in it."


Still it's great that we could see a Gerrard with all pistons pounding on the field soon. Hopefully Tottenham won't have gotten their act together yet.


I can't begin to tell you how disturbing I find the title of this article.
It would be pretty funny if this was put on the main page. Needs a new creative title to go with it (current one is fine though).
The boy's got an itch that he needs to scratch, watch out 'arry, here comes Stevie.

He says he is aiming for the Tottenham game and he may well be ready, but he won't start if he actually plays any part in that game at all.  Kenny needs to set an example to the players that they have to earn their place and there is no better way of doing that than leaving one of the greatest players the club has seen on the bench!  Plus, why chuck him straight into the deep end when we now have depth and can cope?

What is actually wrong with his groin?
Thought it had recovered, but he then got an infection, so I think.
Don' know but he was supposedly on the point of returning before it got infected, basically had to start again.
Sounds dodgy like Fletcher and his virus.
I don't care how dodgy it is as long as he is fit, healthy and ready to go by the time he returns.  Don't want any short come backs.



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