Have to confess that I didn't realise what a shoestring Swansea were operating on. They train at a glorified leisure centre.

Imagine what he could do with the facilities and youth set-up at Bodymoor.

That alone should make a move to Villa tempting for him.

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Ok, you've won me over. Keep McLeish, sign Karl Henry and lets hunker down to watch the thrill fest

cant see him leaving Swansea for us to be honest. Sad as that is, its true. 

He's naturally got a lot invested in Swansea. But ... Martinez left, Brendan might. Villa do have a lot to offer, in spite of the damage inflicted by McLeish.

I like the insight into his training methods. I can imagine McLeish scratching his head!

It would be like a dozen Christmases come at once, if Villa could 'land' Brendan Rodgers! His passion, intelligence, eagerness to learn and improve, are absolutely inspirational and, unlike say Clough, he comes across as a thoroughly likeable character too. He's so modern and, in the truest sense, 'inter-national' that I believe he would get on like a house on fire with Lerner.  His methods and, perhaps most importantly, his attitude are exactly right for today's football at the highest level and makes the way Villa are lumbering along under McLeish seem, literally, 40 years out of date. If God (and I don't mean Paul McGrath) gave a toss about football, I'd be on my knees praying right now!



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