Following their fourth place position at the recent Africa Cup of Nations, fans of the Ghana national team have  got organised in a bid to remove coach Goran Stevanovic.

Usually disgruntled football fans make their opinion known through forums and social networks, it's all got a bit professional in Ghana. A website has been launched - - which details their misgivings about the coach and why they feel he should be sacked.

It's in depth look, with criticisms of his salary, expense account and refusal to pick more locally based players. There's radio clips and opinion from respected football commentators in Ghana.

The main gripe though seems to be that he said he'd resign if his team failed to win the last tournament, as Anni Osabutey of Joy FM explains

"Honestly, I think the coach should leave. He must be principled enough to stick by his words. Prior to the tournament he said he was going to step down if he does not win the tournament, secondly, he said he will pick players who are playing regular football in their clubs.

Unfortunately he failed on those fronts. I'm not the type who thinks coaches should be changed but I want to believe that people should be principled in life. Do you think this guy can do any of such things in a place like England? And they will let him stay? It is not going to happen. what is the guarantee that he will not go against his own words in the future, when similar issues come up?"

The coach isn't the only one to come under criticism recently, star player Asamoah Gyan has said the pressure of failure with his national team has led him to take an indefinite break from the Ghana team.

The 2010 World Cup quarter finals seem a long time ago for a team whose fans feel have failed to make the most of the talent they have. 

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