i was one of the fans who stuck up for Gibbo, but he is not good enough for our midfield.

But he could vastly improve Sunderland.


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Im so glad that he is leaving. I really dont have mcuh to add except I dont really care how he does. Just thanks god he wont be doing it at ot,

I think it's a great move for the lad. He's the type of player who could do really well at a club like Sunderland and I wish him all the best at the Stadium Of Light.


At the end of the day like you said he just isn't good enough for a club like United. He would've made a good squad player yes but not a regular starter. He's an International and needs to be playing week in week out and Sunderland hopefully he'll be able to do that.


Although he won't be well remembered at United, he did have his moments, the goal against Bayern Munich which sent Old Trafford into raptures, the 2 fantastic strikes against Spurs in the Carling Cup were personally some my favourite Gibson moments.

5 mil? Daylight robbery. lovely job.

If he is playing every week then it can't be bad for his career. He is generally quite a tidy player with a good passing range just lacking that bit of something special to make it at an elite club. I think a lot of people might be surprised at how well he does else where if given a fair crack of the whip. A la Danny Murphy.

I would like to make a personal plea to all those sunderland fans that sit in Row Z behind the goal to please be careful (ideally buy hard hats or something).


Thank fck he's going bcos it might allow another youngster a chance in the 1st team.

I think with Scholes, Hargo and Gibson leaving, it probably signals a new midfielder like I predicted a while back. Fletcher, Anderson, Carrick is simply not enough. I know Cleverly is coming in but he won't be a great improvement on us. I hope we sign 1 top midfielder and give some youngsters a chance as well as giving Ando a bigger role.

I see you are as much an idiot on here as you were on 606.


Why wont Cleverly be an improvement?


Who is the 1 top midfielder you hope we sign?


Give youngsters a chance as well as giving Ando a bigger role ?  So just how many central midfielders is Sir AF going to play?   Carrick, Anderson, Fletcher, 1 top midfielder, Cleverly (but you dont rate him) and some of the youngsters !


Quite a congested midfield dont you think?


Can you not read?


I said he won't be a "great" improvement. He will be a improvement but we need a great improvement. We need a top player in that middle, a player who plays week in week out. A player good enough not to keep rotating. 

Can I not read ? hmmmmm ,


Well,  you must be so pleased that your prediction came true ! Who'd have thought Hargreaves and Scholes might have called it a day at the end of the season? Hope you had money on it, must have had great odds !


So, who is the 1 midfielder who will make a great improvement?


BTW Cleverly wouldnt have looked out of place playing for Spain instead of England last night.

He was not anything special yesterday and explain to me why you rate him so highly. As for that midfielder, I can't see Sneidjer joining or Modric but they are not the be all and end all in Football. De Rossi looks a great player and would do well, just a shame about his age. Might not fit with our age policy. However, Banega looks a very good player for Valencia. Nice passing, sleak and has very good vision. Good on the ball and technically brilliant and is young at 22.
Good man!

Cleverly for England then ! How did that happen?


Guess he isnt as bad as you think ! ;o)





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