Apparently something is going on with giggs and its all over twitter, i dont use twitter so can someone tell me what it is, everyone's talking about it on 606 but no one is giving any details for fear of being modded. Is it bad?


And apparently fletch has some fully blown Disease (I know he has been out with a virus but apparetnly its worse) and has had a fall out with the boss.


Anyone know about either of these rumours or heard anything about them?

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Giggs supposedly the footballer who had an affair with Imogen Thomas.


Don't know about Fletch

Apparently something is going on with giggs and its all over twitter. Is it bad?



Judge for yourself




I think I speak for us all when I say this, "I would" ;)
I wouldn't stop.
You'd have to stop to let her poop!
Would I now? Would I?
hmmm, perhaps not you dirty minx!
And, this pic is before her boob job, haha

Imogen what ever her name is apparently.



You've gotta get on twitter lad, it's immense. Billion times better than facebook.

How do you guys feel about this


Will it taint your image of Giggsy The Legend?


For me, no.



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