Apparently something is going on with giggs and its all over twitter, i dont use twitter so can someone tell me what it is, everyone's talking about it on 606 but no one is giving any details for fear of being modded. Is it bad?


And apparently fletch has some fully blown Disease (I know he has been out with a virus but apparetnly its worse) and has had a fall out with the boss.


Anyone know about either of these rumours or heard anything about them?

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As a person, yes it will.

It won't spoil my image of Giggs at all. He's a sports star; not a politician, diplomat or religous leader. What he does in his private life is his business imo, as long as it doesn't affect his game in anyway. He's a human being and we all do things that may seem wrong or make mistakes.


Looking at the photo, i can't say I blame him!!


Where did this rumour start? I've heard nothing, a google search for Ryan Giggs comes up with nothing (you'd think it would be in the news somewhere, I can't find anything)

given the super injuction you wont find many news stories on google about it.


All hearsay on Twitter.

hmm I'm skeptical to say the least. I mean, if it's true fair enough we'll wait and see, but if not, the guy who started it really did pick the wrong player to start a rumour about - Giggs isn't exactly associated with this kind of thing.
I guess it would depend on his motives.  Could just dislike Giggs for some reason, maybe a bitter Man City or Liverpool fan...?

Scoring off the pitch aswell, nice one Giggs!!


Get over it Fletch, there's lotsa school girls out there for ya... just dont fix yer tie all the way up to your neck, do it Grange Hill style hehe



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