Aston Villa goalkeeper Shay Given, 37, will seek a £5m pay-off to tear
up his contract, which still has three years to run.

Up your arse Given. Sell him Villa

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sure who in gods name is going to buy him?

Harry Rednapp

Yeah... get what we can if not free.

He would be wanted by somebody as still a decent keeper but cut our losses and get him off the wage bill.

Agreed He is still a good goalkeeper, but not worth giving him a freebie of 5 million. Villa are such mugs.

maybe we can do an over-priced, over-hyped and under-motivated player deal.

Something in the mould of 'buy one get one free' for Bent and Given.

Or perhaps even 'three for the price of two' on Nzogbia, Given and Bent. 

A bit of fun in the transfer market would be good. 

A five year contract seemed a daft decision when we signed him, no wonder clubs get in such a mess, you can't blame Given for taking the contact , what's he on ? £60k / week , that's £3m a year over 3 years , we would save £4m to fcuk him off.

Whoever sanctioned this contract needs sectioning !

Think you can blame Alex M. Sees only "experience", missed the potential of Guzan.

Don't think Given will get £5m somehow, even if the story is true.

I think someone will take him on a free and we will have to pay him a couple of million loyalty bonus, I can see the likes of West Ham, Fulham or Celtic snapping him up on a free.

I think it may of been a case of giving him a longer contract than he had at City  on lower money so he would not lose money when moving to Villa as he wanted first team football at the time.

I think it may be a case of an agent drumming up some interest!

What's worse, is what about Clive Dunne. We still haven't got rid of him and I am wondering if he will ever play again.

Dunnes contract is up so he is leaving 

Yes, but I thought Lambert was going to possibly talk terms with him.

Clive Dunne!



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