I find this interesting, there are a lot of aspects to consider with this.

What are your thoughts?



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I t would be a shame as the Glazers have been good owners!
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!-? Maybe the peoples republic of china might buy us if were floated in hong kong.
Good short term, possibly worse long term.

"Any evidence to suggest they might or are thinking of doing so? "


They are interested in making money. So clearly if it's an option that will make them money, as shown by other companies, they will consider it.

Supposedly they are waiting on the performance of the Prada float and see how that gets on...

I personally don't think its likely.

The thing is, its perfect short term for clearing debt and allowing us to flex our financial muscles properly, but long term?

Its not likely to be stable, and with owners like the Glazers, or a family, or one man, rather than 'the market', we are going to be much more stable.

Of course somebody might end up buying all the shares again, but for God's sake don't make it a leveraged buyout. Maybe Bill Gates :)

I can't see the Glazers leaving until at least 2015 after the next Nike deal which will be around 600m. Bond repayments are in 2017, so around that time they could leave.
Skysports are saying they've chosen the Hong Kong stock exchange because they'll get more money because of the trading system and potential buyers in the region. At the very least, that suggests they've decided to sell up - IF this story is true. I don't know why but I hope it is true. Tell a lie, I do know why, I just don't like the debt on the club and Fergie's face saving "no value in the market" comments in recent transfer windows.
By the end of this summer we will have spent at least 50m, so I don't see the issue with funds. There is no issue at all with money. The Glazers won't sell up yet. They still have some growing to do here. Still money to be made.

Two points on this tho, firstly I'm sure that the income from finishing in the top 2 consistently, reaching at least the semi's of the CL consistently and also getting to FA Cup finals/semi's and CL finals etc have been a big contributer. What if we don't maintain that?


Secondly, I don't think that £50m is enough. That might sound a bit arrogant but I don't mean to be. Last season Fergie spent £30m which is a respectable amount but the choice he had to make was, do I spend £30m on a world class player or do I spend on 3 potental future stars or potential flops. There's nothing wrong with the choice he made, but sometimes you need to buy a combination of the big names and the potential future young talent, and I don't believe £50m will be enough to do that this summer (especially when we've already spent £16-20m of that on Jones)

I said at least 50m, I am not suggesting we will not spend. There is over 180m in the bank which has not been touched by the Glazers. No the biggest contributor is the commercial side of the business. We are a big club and our ambition is to maintain such high levels.

lol are you serious? 50 million is not enough? 


a) 50 million is more than enough, 50 million would be enough for any team in this league. anyone spending more than 50 million is overspending on players. if we do so, we will be overspending with dire consequences.


b) i believe my predictions have all come true to a T. goalie, winger and young midfielder. i think the spending is done. anything else with be excessive and only needed if say nani or berbatov is leaving. by the way the addition of the cost of the three players coming in: young, De Gea and jones is about 50 million. i am guessing the transfer budget around this value


c) it is a terrible world of football were 50 million is not enough in someone's opinion for a team that just won the league, never below a quarter final of any cup competition and every key player available for at least 2-3 yrs. with 5 youngster playing at the u-21 as we speak.


nothing annoys me with the we must spend to do this and that opinion yet we dont spend and we still do the this and that we we needed the money to do in their opinion in the first place. does anyone advocating we need to spend think we will not challenge on every level next yr? people really need to come off it. we are not buying that foreign named technical youtube star. let it go.


i am beginning to think the greed of the glazers were sent to us to prove that you can be financially smart and challenge for all honours. whats more money bags does not mean successful football. it must be used right. 



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