I find this interesting, there are a lot of aspects to consider with this.

What are your thoughts?



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Nohlman i agree.  I want to ask you a serious question if you dont mind.  I read your article about Jones and the 'you are a wum' abuse (thats what i would call it) you got from various people.  Now dont get me wrong i think some of your articles are precisely for thatpurpose but i read, giggle, move on.  I am a firm believer in the odd bit of wummery to lighten things up, life is for fun.


But i digress.  The question is so many of our fans slate you for wumming, yet believe the hype in the media aboyt everything UTD.  They say they love SAF or the team, yet when he comes out and says 'all is good' they still go on these green and gold vibes etc.  They slate berbatov, nani, gibson etc and you can bet your bottom dollar if the sun has doen a piece saying nani is bad at crossing, or berba is lazy thats what you will read on these fora.  Why?


By the way i will judge the glazers by what the team and manager say and do, until then i will give them the benefit of doubt as i have with every other owner we have had

I admit I do try to have a bit of fun on here, would be boring if everything was the same. To be honest my belief on the Glazers has always been the same. If the manager is happy, so am I. We have been successful under them, have we not? The manager states they are "great" owners, who are we to disagree? Ferguson seems as happy as ever and the Glazers have allowed Ferguson to run the club. They have acted as sleeping owners if you like and don't interfere which has helped us. The situation with the Glazers has become desperate, simply because people were crying about how they would take cash out to finance the PIK. Well they didn't, then they said we would not be able to spend any of the cash available, well we have and are going to, under the managers guidance. Now they are crying about how the Glazers could walk away with a profit, is that not what business men aim to do? It is becoming laughable, they believe that a owners job is to pump money in and take nothing out. Well, they need to wake up and realize Man Utd is "their" business and they can do what they like with it. However, the Glazers are not stupid and understand for their model to be profitable, they have to let Ferguson to get on with it without constraints. They have grown the club in many areas and will continue to do so and if MUST have a problem, well they should just keep quiet because they have lost touch with the reason they exist.
The longer this wum writes the clearer it is that hes a wum(BANNED from Not606).Here he is saying MUST should keep quiet.MUST with tens of thousands of United fans as members,many with expertise in these matters,and this mugwum sat on his jack jones telling them how to behave.Time to BAN this wum and BAN him now!

I think you need to lay off Nolhman a little here. You can disagree with him all you like but thats no reason to call him a WUM, for his comments on this article anyway.

I think MUST should take a look at themselves. Since the G&G campain, I've unsubscribed. The Glazers are not my preferred owners but they are the owners, they may have secured debt on the club BUT during a world-wide financial disaster they have managed to double our clubs value, DOUBLE! Contuining winning trophys, not being afraid to let SAF gamble in the transfer market and have never interfered in the football side of the club. This football club is bigger than its ever been more profitable than its ever been

I do find it funny that MUST's campain went a little quiet after the failed bid of 'The Red Knights'. I bet those at the top of MUST would have got more than just new owners if their bid had been accepted.

Is he not a wum?You need to get around the other forums and check what they think of him.I aint gonna fall out with fellow reds over the nasty little boy but I am going to remind posters that hes banned from not606(the home of the wums)for being a wum!
I know he can be, infact if you look back at one of his articles I state I'm not reading another article created by him again (which I have kept to). BUT he's not WUMming here. I just think having a go when he's not WUMming is abit pointless and indeed could result in him WUMming in defence. I do think he is not WUMming as much after his little break.

The Nazi Party had many members but they needed to be silenced!!!


There's many people who don't have much time for MUST and this doesn't make them all WUMs. I get fed up of people moaning about other posters so maybe you should be banned!!!

I aint gonna stop posting against this wum so why not ask em to ban me.Be the first time a regular anti-wum poster gets banned.It wont happen!
You can post against me all you like, you will make your self seem silly. You can't and won't faze me.
Game on!
I don't play games, I create games and you are playing my game and it will be entertaining watching you fail.
This place is supposed to be for discussing football, not for slagging each other off!!!



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