Firm rumours, which seemed to have substance, emerged yesterday that the Glazer family are going to sell shares on the Singapore stock market. Presumably to pay off debt.


It's called an Initial Public Offering (IPO) and basically means that anyone can buy shares in the club, a bit like a PLC.


As it's just a sale of a section of the shares, there would be no danger of the Glazer's losing control or being subject to a hostile takeover.


What do you think about this?  If the Glazers used this to wipe out the current £370m net debt would it be better for the club or will it make little difference as Ferguson seems to have funds to spend anyway?

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SAFs success keeps the florida troll sweet so when SAF becomes a Lord and eventually retires watch what the glazers do then if their still at OT.
they sell the club for 2 billion making a profit of a billion. how sad for them

I've been keeping out of this because of some of the stupid stuff posted on here.  But feel the need to add my twopence worth now.


IMO MUST are a spent force.  They made some stupid mistakes and backed the wrong horse with the Red Knights.  Support for them was obviously at an all time low at the end of last season.  Furthermore, by far the majority of United supporters couldn't give a damn about FCUM, what they think about United's success, whether they win their games, etc.  They may think they are still linked to United, but they're not.  If some United supporters chose to support both teams fine, but to me it' would be the same as me deciding to support United and Stockport County.


Nobody likes the club being saddled with debt, but as pointed out by many posters, the Glazers have lef SAF and Gill run the club.  Hopefully at least some of the money raised will be used to reduce this.  The shares will be available for fans to purchase if they have the cash and if they can be bothered.  I did have some shares in United before the Glazers took over, but unfortunately can't afford to now.


One of the best things about this site is the fact that we can have friendly inter club banter and also make serious comments on other clubs articles.  It annoys the hell out of me when someone like Nobby's Teeth is so unpleasant to others.  So apologies to Gerrez and wishi.

No need to apologise to me, Nobby's comments were (a) not aimed at me, (b) not offensive to apposing fans, and (c) expected as i have come across him (or her) before.
Thanks to the scouser for that.As for the UTID Im pointing out all the fans organisations who oppose the glazers while some kid on his keyboard at home is backing the dicks.Suffice to say Ill leave the discussion here as I aint gonna enter into a wall pissing contest with genuine reds about it.By the way Im old enough to have been there when the wall was built!
Nor was I backing your actions!
I stand by that I think you're pissed. Some numptys think that any other reaction than BURN THEM equates to Glazer lover.

You may be proud of your age but you're incredibly childish at times.
I think you probably walked into the wall because you're making little sense.  What wall are we talking about anyway?
Oh dear.Scouser reverting to stereotype here.Dont worry UTID I aint offended.Still aint pissed TCIR but Ive strong views strongly expressed on the club Ive supported,and worked for back before the glazers took over,most of my life.
Worked for...
Id be delighted to have a discussion with you on Not606 Gerrez.



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