Firm rumours, which seemed to have substance, emerged yesterday that the Glazer family are going to sell shares on the Singapore stock market. Presumably to pay off debt.


It's called an Initial Public Offering (IPO) and basically means that anyone can buy shares in the club, a bit like a PLC.


As it's just a sale of a section of the shares, there would be no danger of the Glazer's losing control or being subject to a hostile takeover.


What do you think about this?  If the Glazers used this to wipe out the current £370m net debt would it be better for the club or will it make little difference as Ferguson seems to have funds to spend anyway?

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Nobbysteeth, I go to United games and green and gold turned intona commercial tactic used by street sellers. Ended up more prevalent amongst day trippers before it died out.

You'd get people from the Far East with megastore bags and still wearing green and gold.

I think Duncan agrees with that.
Everything does indeed turn into a commodity but to pull everyone back to the glazers I still believe like many other United fans that they are bad news for the fans.Aint fazed by the personal abuse coz as others have mentioned I can give as good as I get but I am surprised at the pro glazer bias among genuine reds on here.
That's it again. You're incapable of discussing the points so say 'pro Glazer bias'.
To be frank I really cant be arsed stating the bleeding obvious to a collection of scousers,wums and reds who already know the score as TCIR you obviously do all be it from a pro yank perspective.
There you go again. It's like tourettes.

Are you UTD-4-EVER?  You do seem to be unravelling the way he did towards the end.

Nobby by name. Nobby by nature.
Fantastic wit.Come back when you find the other 50% of it.

Latest MUST email : Glazers to sell MUFC shares in Singapore IPO - latest here:



Taken from the link provided:


"The Glazers should use ALL proceeds of a flotation to repair the financial damage they've done to our club first before they take any money for themselves. That means they pay in full both the bond debt and all costs (interest, fees etc) they've imposed on our club through their takeover."


IMO, having the expectation of them using the income to pay of debt is fair enough, unlikely to happen but fair enough.  But all related costs such as interest and fees etc they have imposed SINCE the takeover?  Really?  That is simply not going to happen, ever!  At any club!

Drasdo and his MUST cronies don't have a clue.  Typical left wing anti business clowns.
You're right Gerrez.  It's more unrealistic twaddle from MUST that only serves to further alienate people with any sense.



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