There were some fantastic goals scored at the weekend and during the week, which leads me to ask; why is Hernandez' goal in there? It was a simple goal with a finish from 3cm that he almost missed. It wasn't even the best goal of that game. There were atleast 6 goals in every other game in the world scored at the same time, that were better. But seriously, Neville, Carroll, Arsenal goals, Raul, Messi, the list could go on for 7 and a half years. Do they just put any old Man Utd goal in so they can vote for it and it wins? It was 3rd last time i saw. How can that possibly be the 3rd best goal of the week? God help us when the schools get out. Did you see the other goals? Have a more objective opinion and vote for the best one. This is how Rooney and Giggs won player of the year. Please have a better opinion. 


Thanks Bye.

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This is Sky Sports News goal of the week by the way
A lego pillar?
It's your pedestal
Ok thanks. So why was Hernandez in goal of the week? Any reason other than it being Man Utd?
Can't think of an alternative reason

I was thinking that myself. Park's goal was a lot better.


So you don't think Rooney deserved the Player of the Year award last year Barry? Can I ask you who did?


I agree completely with you that Giggs didn't deserve it as there were many players who better than him during the 2008/09 season but I don't see how you can argue with Rooney getting player of the year last year.

Lampard deserved it over Rooney. 22 goals from midfield and 17 assists.



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