Just watched him score direct from a corner during L.A.'s match against Chicago. His accuracy is still incredible. 
Always wished he could've finished his career at United. Was great to see him run out one last time for gary's testimonial.

Slow night so I  thought I'd pose a question.
Did  his time end prematurely at United or was his move to Madrid good timing for both parties involved?

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Real Madrid done very well out of this deal, they took Becks for not much money, made it back in shirt sales in minutes then bought the player who came through as a result of Beckham leaving.

Was sad to see Becks leave but if he hadn't we wouldn't have been able to see Ronaldo turn from a one trick pony into a beast of a player

Good point and I was going to bring that up as well. Becks leaving was an absolute must for ronaldo to get his chance. 
I think we were right to get rid. He was still a quality player but he was undermining Sir Alex through his off the field activities.



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