Still chuffed that we started with a win, against a decent Swansea side. Now for another test. Norwich like to attack, maybe the defence isn't the best. A lot like us.

I think Smith will stick with the same defence; it managed OK. With McGinn out I think Hourihane is the obvious replacement. Elsewhere I haven't the faintest. He could play the same team, he could give some other players a chance. I think he'll stick with Abraham; the more he's played the more confident he'll get. He might put Kodjia alongside, but maybe it's too early for two up front.

Whatever, it's a match to look forwards to. At last! Thoughts?

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Watching Villa im not sure any coach could get the players we have to succeed.

Time will tell but how many times do we have a chance to kill a game off and draw or lose?

Apart from mcginn there is no creativity really, Grealish hasn't the intensity too laboured.

Blouse above us now. I know early and tight league but as a team there are so many better.


It's still the team Bruce built; some decent players but doesn't work as a team enough. McGinn and Bjarnason in midfield is easily our best pairing.

Give it time. Smith has to work out what he's got and what he can do with them; think that's why Hogan and El Ghazi were brought on when Adomah and Abraham were injured.

Points wise we're still only 8 points below the automatic places; we're not drifting out of touch. But we need a step up in performance to get there.

It was the two injuries which changed the dynamic of the game. Up until then, although Norwich were playing the better football it wasn't getting them anywhere.

OK, we lost another match.

Not worried. It was highly entertaining, we looked like a team, we played on the front foot, we pressed the opposition. Probably the best I've seen us play for a long time. Pretty good considering the very short time Dean Smith has been in charge. It's the way forwards; we will get better.

There are still things to iron out, but I'm happy the way things are going. Looking forwards to Bolton.

In time we will hit the straps. We now have a plan and look like a team.

They have had very few days to train the team, so disappointed to lose, but the season starts for us now. A full week of training to move this plan forward.

We still are short at the back, but if we can get the forwards really firing that might not be an issue.

I feel positive :-)

I thought we played well and as has been said more like a team but I don’t think some our players are quite good enough. 

Bruce made some strange signings and I think it will take some time for Smith to make his mark, maybe even January.

Lets hope that training alone will put us on the correct road.



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